Big Wave Champion Makua Rothman Masters at Bernie’s

Fellow Surfer Paul Grundman Engineers “Cry Me An Ocean”

Champion surfer and accomplished musician Makua Rothman has mastered his new single, “Cry Me An Ocean”, at Bernie Grundman Mastering for his upcoming album on Island Empire Records. Mastering engineer Paul Grundman, himself a lifetime surfer, commented, “I’ve been a big fan of his surfing for years, of course, but when I heard his powerful and soulful music I was just knocked out.”

“Cry Me An Ocean”, co-written with Bo Napoleon and Nick Bailey, is a poignant song about breakup and betrayal. Rothman explains the title; “I wanted to write a song about break ups and when you are strong enough to let go.” The record was produced by Makua Rothman along with Nick Bailey and Jimmy Beats, and was recorded at Kona Town Recording, co-owned by Bret Bollinger, vocalist and bassist for Pepper, in Redondo Beach, CA. “Cry Me An Ocean” features an enchanting acoustic chord progression with heartfelt vocals and uplifting lyrics.
“Cry Me An Ocean” lyric video:

Makua Rothman was born on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii and started surfing at the age of two years old. At the age of 18, Rothman rode a 66-foot wave, the largest wave known to be surfed at the time. Later, Rothman went on to win the 2002 Billabong XXL Big Wave Challenge Award in a historic big-wave session, became the 2007 World Cup Surfing champion, and the 2015 World Surf League Big Wave champion. An accomplished musician, Rothman is finishing up his sophomore album, the follow up to his critically acclaimed debut, “Sound Wave”. His music has been described as Hawaiian Reggae.

Paul Grundman added, “Makua’s music is very straightforward and his mixes were done very professionally, allowing us to work together closely in the studio to bring out some enhanced definition and dynamics.”
The second single, “Tan Lines,” is scheduled for April release. The complete album will be released this summer on Island Empire Records.

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