B&H Announces: Luxli Releases Their New “Composer” App

Stability Fixes, Greater Ease of Use, and a Vastly Expanded Feature Set Transform the Composer App

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Lighting–B&H announces: Luxli has released the new version of their free app—now called the Composer—currently available for iOS and Android devices. Far more than just an upgrade, the Composer is a complete overhaul of the old Conductor app, improving performance and adding new features to the app.

The full list of changes is:

  • Improved Stability:

    In order to address connectivity issues, the entire app has been rewritten from top to bottom with improved coding, offering users improved stability and better performance.
  • New Features:

    Aside from all the features available in the original app—the ability to: control multiple lights; adjust brightness, color, gels, and some effects; and select colors and create custom effects from your camera—the new app will include the following features:
  • Look for Lights Option

    You are now able to look for all lights in the vicinity to connect to. This allows you to connect to lights powered on after you already entered the app.
  • Three Options for Selecting Lights:
    • Single mode:

      In single mode, you can control individual lights. Each light can be individually named. You can also disconnect lights, as well as reset the connection policy (whether or not you automatically connect to that light).
    • Group mode:

      In group mode, you can create and individually name groups of lights that can then be controlled together. Each group will also display how many of the lights in a group you are currently connected to.
    • All mode

      In all mode, you control all the lights you are connected to.
  • Displays Crucial Information of Connected Devices

    When in single mode, the app displays the physical temperature of the light, as well as battery life and voltage.
  • Two Modes for Selecting Color

    In addition to the standard HSL mode (using the color picker), the new app also features a new RGB Slider mode. This mode allows you to mix red, green and blue directly, allowing you to recreate specific colors accurately.
  • Improved CCT Mode

    In addition to controlling the color temperature of your lights, the new CCT mode also allows you to +/- green. However, this only works for lights that are able to +/- green (currently just the Timpani).
  • Improved Effects Mode

    The new app allows you to fully control and customize all ten built-in effects available in the Orchestra lineup (this won’t apply to the original Viola, which doesn’t have access to all ten effects).
  • App Effects Mode

    In this mode, you’ll be able to access new effects only found in the app, such as the “TV” and “Bad Fluorescent” effect. Furthermore, this mode will be expanded to include new free effects.
  • Easier Selection of Colors from Your Camera

    In the new app, you can select colors from your camera without even taking a picture.
  • Saved Favorites

    The Composer allows you to save presets of any selected setting. You can then go to the Saved mode to view and select those presets.
  • Sequence mode

    In sequence mode, you can create a sequence of presets. You can either manually change the presets or set them to change on a timer. You can also reorder the presets in the sequence. In short, with the new Composer app, you’ll have the full versatility of a DMX board in a free Bluetooth app.
  • Mixer Mode

    In Mixer mode, you can mix the lights to create a ratio of brightness for all the connected lights. This ratio will remain when adjusting the overall brightness.

“From the very beginning,” says Josh Fischer, Director of Marketing at Luxli, “Luxli has powered filmmakers and photographers to innovate and create in ways no one ever thought possible. It is our deepest honor and pride to release a Luxli app that allows our customers to take this innovation and creativity to even higher levels.”

To download the Luxli app:

Apple Version: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/luxli-composer/id1466064689

Android Version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=riftlabs.com.luxlicpapp

About Luxli:

Based in NYC, Luxli’s mission is to broaden the creative potential of photographers and videographers by creating lights that are innovative, versatile, and intuitive. Luxli products are designed by renowned Norwegian manufacturer Rift Labs. Luxli is a Gradus Group Brand (GradusGroup.com). Visit Luxli at https://www.luxlilight.com/

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