Betterworks and Visier Team Up to Revolutionize Employee Performance Analytics

Strategic partnership will enable businesses to improve their return on people, smartly engage and retain their employees, and deliver fairness to performance enablement processes.

MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Betterworks, the leader in modern performance management solutions, today announced an embedded analytics partnership with Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics, to provide HR leaders with deep people insights around what drives employee success in the workplace. This capability will allow customers to develop targeted strategies to improve performance, engagement, and overall organizational success. Under the partnership, Betterworks will seamlessly integrate Visier’s analytics engine into a new offering called Betterworks Advanced Analytics that will be available on the Betterworks platform.

According to the “The State of People Analytics 2022-23” report, only 29% of HR professionals believed their organization is good at making positive changes based on people analytics. Most enterprise HR teams have an abundance of people data around such factors as performance, engagement, behaviors, and skill development, but the data exists in scattered silos, and integrating them is usually a struggle. Consequently, there is no way to pinpoint the impact of HR programs on employee behavior and overall business outcomes. In addition, most data analytic tools are not easy to work with—they offer no guidance around the right questions to ask or the range of factors to consider. Nor do they indicate how to use the information and explain the decisions it can drive.

In contrast, Betterworks Advanced Analytics is unique because it brings together the rich data from the Betterworks platform, including performance, engagement, employee growth data, and employee demographic data. Dashboards provide coherent insights for HR to deliver on the right talent initiatives, such as investing in the most valuable performance-building activities and knowing how to refocus employee training efforts. The solution also presents the insights in the form of a visual data story that follows a narrative structure starting with the business question and presenting the answer in the form of a dashboard.

In the first phase of its launch, Betterworks Advanced Analytics will offer chief people officers and HR business partners several benefits:

  • Enhance workforce effectiveness through a deep comprehension of the factors that enable or inhibit employee performance and engagement. Actionable insights provide clarity around steps to take to inspire and retain the talent base.
  • Unmask hidden bias in the performance process by revealing the differences in career coaching, developmental opportunities, performance ratings, and other activities for different groups within an organization. This information helps direct organizational DEIB initiatives and enables HR leaders to take action to ensure fairness in employee performance enablement and career advancement.
  • Establish a connection between learning and development (L&D) initiatives and their impact on the business value to fine-tune learning programs for optimal employee growth and performance.

HR will now be able to focus on understanding the enablers of top performance, productivity, and engagement in employees. Their organizations will move far beyond connecting-the-dots and basic operational questions to harness strategic people insights for the health of the business. “The C-Suite expects HR leaders to have answers to questions about how to strategically invest in talent development, especially as it relates to advancing the business and helping employees reach their growth and development targets,” said Arnaud Grunwald, chief product officer at Betterworks. “Betterworks Advanced Analytics enables companies to uncover hidden patterns by unlocking the wealth of data they have around employee goals, feedback, check-in conversations, performance ratings, calibration data, and much more. We are thrilled about our partnership and investment in a robust platform like Visier in this next phase of Betterworks’ analytics journey.”

“What Visier is best at is connecting data on people into the insights that improve business outcomes,” said Dave Weisbeck, chief strategy officer at Visier. “With Betterworks, there is an amazingly rich set of engagement, performance, and skills data that comes from their modern approach to performance management, and so we couldn’t be more excited about being an embedded partner with Betterworks so that we can help them unlock those insights for their customers.”

As businesses deal with the current economic uncertainty, the good ones know that the thing to focus on is remaining relevant by preparing for the long term. And that means implementing a talent management strategy that will allow them to do more with the fewer people they now have, identify the drivers of outperformance to empower all employees, and position the workforce for agility and resilience to smoothly navigate change. Betterworks Advanced Analytics enables businesses and HR leaders to do just that by providing insightful people data so that HR leaders can focus on actions that both drive employee development and better support conquering business goals. The first phase of the general availability of Betterworks Advanced Analytics is planned for the Summer of 2023.

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