“Before It Happened” Podcast Chronicles Visionary Ideas That Became Reality

Weekly series focuses on those who are changing our future and what drives them

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#future–A new podcast, Before It Happened, showcases the visionaries and the ideas that are changing our future. Hosted by award-winning storyteller and founder of LMGPR, Donna Loughlin, Before It Happened is an exploration of their journey and inspiration. Before It Happened is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Stitcher, and Audible.

“I’m constantly amazed by visionaries and the future they imagine,” said Donna Loughlin, host of Before It Happened. “I’m fascinated with the entrepreneurial spirit and the singular lightbulb moment that inspired these visionaries to push forward. Before It Happened is dedicated to telling the story of how they brought their ideas to life.”

Before It Happened is a weekly podcast featuring a variety of innovators and futurists across industries whose cutting-edge products and ideas are impacting the world around us. Initial guests include:

  • Al Alcorn, creator of Pong
  • Peter Shankman, futurist and entrepreneur
  • Jay Giraud, founder & CEO, Damon Motors
  • Praveen Penmetsa, co-founder, Monarch Tractor
  • William Santana Lee and Stacy Dean Stephens, co-founders, Knightscope
  • Donald Burlock, author, Superhuman by Design
  • Komal and Anoop Choong, co-founders, Zohr
  • Andy Lowery, co-founder, Realwear
  • Tyler Florence, chef, restaurateur, author, filmmaker, and social media influencer
  • Jamie Bianchini, entrepreneur and author, Ludela, Peace Peddlers

For nearly 20 years, Before It Happened Host Donna Loughlin has been at the helm of LMGPR, a Silicon Valley-based PR agency servicing the world. The industry veteran has ushered in five personal IPOs and taken hundreds of ideas from napkin conversations to market leaders. In her career, Donna has secured more than a dozen personal and agency awards from global organizations and is a former journalist and radio host.

For more information on Before It Happened, visit www.beforeithappened.com.

About Before It Happened

Before It Happened is a show about visionaries and the moments, events, and realizations that inspired them to change our lives for the better. Hosted by award-winning storyteller and LMGPR Founder Donna Loughlin, this podcast takes you on a journey with the innovators who imagined—and are still imagining—the future. From AI to transportation and just about anything you can put in your home, office or pocket, hear from futurists themselves as they tell their stories of how they brought their visions to life. For more information on Before It Happened, visit www.beforeithappened.com.


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