Bamboo Rose Rolls Out Systemwide Business Partner Collaboration Enhancements

The new Multi-Enterprise Platform updates deliver enhanced component and material inventory insights that support clients’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bamboo Rose, the leading Multi-Enterprise Product and Supply Chain Platform, today announced updates that tighten collaboration between suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers by supporting on-the-go collaboration, partner component and material inventory insights, and project and team management capabilities that span both internal and partner organizations.

“Bamboo Rose is committed to providing a platform that our enterprise customers can rely on to support their business objectives, enabling them to collaborate digitally and on-the-go,” said Ann Diamante, CPO, Bamboo Rose. “Customers will see new capabilities that allow collaboration on product ideas, production planning with the context of supplier inventory, and team and project management on an intuitive visual timeline tool. These enhancements mean clients can gain automated, digital support as they manage projects, milestones, and team members, allowing them to beat project deadlines rather than miss them.”

The new enhancements will support clients as they seek to bring sustainability and efficiency to their operations. Insights on material and component inventory levels and the ability to continuously consume against those levels will allow retailers to work collaboratively with suppliers to maximize the output of their inventories, reducing material wastage while also driving higher margins.

“For our customers, the ability to support organizational corporate social responsibility initiatives while also maintaining business goals is core to their strategy in 2020 and beyond,” said Sue Welch, CEO, Bamboo Rose. “Our Multi-Enterprise Platform enhancements put that control directly into our customers’ hands, giving them virtual views of supplier inventory so they can undertake material waste reduction strategies, like cut-make-trim (CMT) approaches that ensure maximum yield from material inventories.”

Other core capability updates include:

  • Intuitive app design that aligns with common design patterns familiar to iOS and Android consumer experiences, such as pull to refresh, and updated action buttons to ease navigation throughout the platform.
  • Detailed visual timeline navigation that assists users in managing tasks, milestones, and project status.
  • New mobile functionality that gives the ability to view, update, and collaborate on Product Wishlists with multiple suppliers simultaneously.
  • New mobile content upload features that support both offline and online use cases and allow users to take or select multiple media items when updating or creating products in the mobile Marketplace experience.

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