Ballogy Adds Four New Sports, Experiences Rapid Growth

App Users Up 840% As Virtual Training Rapidly Accelerates

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ballogyBallogy Inc., the innovative software company revolutionizing the way youth and amateur athletes prepare for their sports, today announced an explosive rate of user adoption since the market’s overall move from face-to-face interactions to virtual starting in March. The announcement comes as the company expands its performance tracking and analytics app to new sports, including soccer, football, baseball and golf.

Since March, the number of athletes, coaches and parents on the Ballogy app increased 840%, boosting monthly activity on the app by 655%. Additionally, the number of schools, leagues, clubs, and other organizations joining the app has doubled. Ballogy has partnered with The Basketball Embassy, the National Basketball Players Association, Hoop Group, Point Guard College, The National Basketball Academy, Spurs Sports Academy, Nancy Lieberman Charities, and more to help virtualize their curriculums during the COVID-19 shutdown.

“From the beginning, the Ballogy app was designed to digitally connect coaches and athletes and make performance tracking and analysis technology accessible to every athlete, anywhere,” said Todd Young, founder and CEO of Ballogy. “As coaches, athletes and parents continue to seek continuity in the absence of face-to-face instruction, we’re enabling them with the technology to virtualize development, training and physical education curriculums.”

The company just made its first expansion into other sports, introducing new content, player profiles, social networking, and groups for soccer, football, baseball and golf. Currently, there is no sports-specific social network for young athletes to track and share their progress and showcase their success and passion outside of broader applications such as Twitter and Instagram.

“While basketball is our core, it has always been in our plan to roll out into other sports,” said Young. “At the request of many coaches, athletes, partners and investors, we built the platform in such a way that it can be easily adapted and we’re excited by the many ways that our tracking and analytics technology can be leveraged in other disciplines.”

Ballogy’s unique mobile player training app and built-in certified testing program leverages machine learning to analyze performance, enabling youth and amateur athletes at any skill level to track their athletic development and measurably improve their performance over time. The Ballogy app also offers an interactive and engaging forum for individuals to connect, compete, and network with their peers, pro players, and coaches. The Ballogy app is free for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

About Ballogy

Ballogy is an innovative software company revolutionizing the way youth and amateur athletes prepare for their sports. Ballogy’s unique performance tracking and analysis app and built-in certified testing program, enable young athletes to measure and evaluate their athletic development and improve their skills at every level of the game. Ballogy also provides a forum for individual players to connect, compete, network, and share with coaches, schools and teammates, via an easy-to-use app, giving young athletes visibility and access like never before. The Ballogy app is available for free in Google Play and the App Store.


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