Austin’s ATXN Upgrades to 4K With Canare

Station Selects Canare’s 12G-SDI Cables, Video Patchbays and BNC Connectors

AUSTIN, TEXAS, MARCH 27, 2023ATXN has made the move to a completely 4K environment with the aid of Canare 4K-capable 12G-SDI cables, video patchbays, and BNC connectors. Under the direction of the station’s Chief Engineer, Garry Wilkison, and local integrator Kvasir Systems, the City of Austin government access channel selected the brand for its reputation as a leading manufacturer of professional audio and video products designed for the pro AV industry.

As ATXN covers live events up to three times a day, both online and via cable networks, Wilkison knew that Canare was the right choice for the upgrade. “I’ve been using Canare for years,” he says. “In my role, I usually specify all the equipment for an install, and I have been going back to Canare since the old analog days. Years ago, Canare created a cable stripping tool that was perfect for just about every use. That’s what initially sold me on the brand. Today, I especially like Canare cables as they meet all the performance specifications I require. Also, the connectors, particularly the BNC-type connectors, are wonderful. I spec Canare whenever possible, and it’s one of my top choices.”

According to Wilkison, the greatest challenge with the upgrade was the size and scope. “This is a huge facility,” he adds. “We have three studios within the building and four remote locations from which we go live. So, we have more facilities and coverage than any broadcast station in the area. We also operate four streaming channels, many of which are live at the same time, several times a week.”

To provide unfettered coverage across multiple feeds daily, Wilkison knew that ATXN needed cables it could rely on. As chief engineer, he was able to specify the equipment he wanted for the new install, and he let Kvasir Systems know that Canare was his choice for the upgrade. The result was a variety of Canare 12G-SDI patchbays, coax cables and BNC connectors. Included among these were the new SMPTE-compliant 32MCKA-ST patchbay, which offers fully normalized capabilities without the need for patch cords or looping plugs. Available in a variety of rack sizes, the 32MCKA features Canare’s renowned micro-video ports and standard BNC rear connections, as well as a newly developed touch spring-type switch and dust-proof shutter design on the front patch.

As longtime specifiers of Canare equipment, the team at Kvasir Systems supported Wilkison’s choices. “Canare has competitive pricing and great stock availability for gear with solid performance and technical specifications,” says Jim Zeiner, Account Executive at Kvasir Systems. “When it came time to upgrade ATXN to an HD 1080 workflow that could migrate to 4K/UHD/12G as needed, we knew that Canare’s 12G/4K patchbays and cables would be the perfect solution. Canare delivered in sales and service, as always.”

In the main studio, the team also integrated the L-CUHD Series Coax Cables, which are specifically designed for 12G-SDI applications and feature a maximum transmission distance of 100m or longer.

As the move to 4K required a complete renovation, the ATXN broadcast team remained working in the same facility while changes happened around them. Meaning, Wilkison and his staff continued to produce coverage and provide the City of Austin news live on air. With a majority of the new Canare equipment already installed in the facility, the network was able to continue to run daily until the upgrade was complete. Additionally, the brand’s cables, panels and connectors made for quick installation and reliability that ensured that the station could quickly move into the future of broadcasting.

“Canare is a great company,” shares Wilkison. “I have always been successful working with the brand, as well as the technical staff and salespeople at Canare.” 

ATXN is the City of Austin government access channel (formerly known as Channel 6). Programming includes City Council meetings, public meetings, news conferences, CityView news and educational programming about city departments and initiatives. Watch live here:

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