Aural Analytics Partners with Medidata and its Sensor Cloud Network

Medidata Sensor Cloud Network to include Aural Analytics’ industry leading, integrated speech analytics platform—Speech Vitals.

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AuralAnalyticsAural Analytics, Inc., a leader in clinical-grade speech analytics, announced they have entered into a partnership with Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes company, enabling speech analytics as part of the Medidata Sensor Cloud Network. Aural Analytics’ best-in-class speech platform Speech Vitals supports Medidata’s objective of enabling the discovery and delivery of third-party algorithms at scale, leading to breakthroughs in advancing the understanding of disease progression. This will drive the development of more effective treatments for patients.

“Our industry-leading analytics automatically extract clinically relevant biomarkers that are meaningful, interpretable, and have a demonstrated correlation to traditional measures,” said Judy Smythe, CEO of Aural Analytics. “Speech provides a rich mine of data, and our partnership with Medidata will simplify the adoption of speech assessments in studies.”

Aural Analytics and Medidata are collaborating to deploy Speech Vitals as a standard offering within Medidata’s Sensor Cloud to further the breadth of its offering to critical data streams for researchers to leverage in their studies. Speech measures have been demonstrated to have clinical relevance across cognitive, motor, respiratory, and behavioral domains and, along with other digital sensors, offer additional ways to characterize treatment effect, phenotype participants, and gain understanding of the impact of disease in a real-world setting.

“Medidata’s Sensor Cloud Network will include Aural Analytics’ Speech Vitals technology, making it easier than ever to leverage the power of speech in clinical research,” said Ben Schlatka, vice president, Digital Biomarker Solutions at Medidata. “Speech is an important data stream complementing existing Sensor Cloud biometrics, enabling deeper insights into our patients’ journey.”

Aural Analytics’ technology is built on decades of research and provides generalizable metrics that precisely measure the impact of neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric conditions on speech. These metrics are clinically validated and have demonstrated repeatability in clinical trials across 15 conditions. In addition, the ability of speech assessments to be conducted remotely reduces participant burden and achieves greater scalability.

About Aural Analytics, Inc.

Aural Analytics is the industry’s leading speech neuroscience company harnessing the clinical utility of the world’s speech across the age range and around the world. Their suite of applications and embeddable SDKs and APIs are available in 30 languages across Android, iOS, and the web and are easy to use, secure, and provide robust, clinically relevant, interpretable, and validated metrics reflecting the neurological and respiratory health of its users. For more information, please visit or follow Aural Analytics on Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, and Facebook.


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