Aural Analytics, Inc. Announces the Launch of A2E, A Software Development Kit for Clinical-Grade Speech Collection and Analytics

A2E enables ubiquitous, easy-to-integrate speech collection for decentralized clinical trials, remote patient monitoring, telemedicine, and consumer applications

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aural Analytics, Inc., an industry leading speech neuroscience and speech analytics technology company, announced today it has launched A2ETM, a mobile application SDK and Web API designed to make speech collection and cloud-based analytics ubiquitous across clinical research, in any health application, and for in-clinic and remote settings.

As the healthcare community continues to recognize the power of speech analysis for use in the identification and tracking of neurological and respiratory diseases, health technology, telemedicine and pharmaceutical companies are looking to incorporate speech collection and analytics into their products and studies. Without deep domain expertise to do it themselves, and with the COVID-19 pandemic spurring researchers and clinical research organizations (CROs) to consider new and remote ways of collecting valuable clinical data, the research community needs a simplified way to integrate clinical-grade speech analytics.

Aural Analytics’ A2E system is built to solve these industry challenges by enabling speech collection and analytics via embeddable short, simple speech tasks that lower patient burden and maximize clinical insight – all while seamlessly fitting into existing software and hardware offerings. A2E supports simple technical integration and includes a service division dedicated to setup, implementation and administration. It also has configurable modules covering motor, cognitive and respiratory diseases such as Parkinson’s, ALS, Alzheimer’s, stroke, COPD, migraine, Schizophrenia and other diseases. The system is currently available in 14 languages and is HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

Speech collection and analytics are highly complex and require very specific expertise,” said Dr. Jim Gemmell, Aural Analytics’ chief technology officer. “Our extensive experience in speech neuroscience and product development enables us to deliver embedded, ubiquitous speech collection and analytics through A2E across the continuum of care and lifespan. This system is incredibly easy to implement, works across languages, devices and use-cases, and is safe and secure – all while bringing about a seamless user experience that our integration partners can be proud of.”

The A2E technology is based on nearly 30 years of speech neuroscience research, and includes a mobile application SDK with cloud-based computation that powers disease-specific speech tasks and analytics for use in clinical trials, telemedicine, remote monitoring and consumer applications. A2E is currently available for integration into iOS, android and web-based applications, with modules available for neurology and respiratory disease.

About Aural Analytics, Inc.

Aural Analytics is the industry’s leading speech neuroscience company building the world’s most advanced clinical-grade speech analytics platform for health applications across the lifespan. Currently available in 14 languages, Aural Analytics’ technologies provide rich, interpretable and validated metrics reflecting the neurological and respiratory health of its users. The company is founded on nearly three decades of NIH and NSF-funded research in speech neuroscience, is backed by dozens of high-caliber scientific publications, and has won several awards for its work in the field, including the prestigious Global SCRIP Award for Best Technology Development in Clinical Trials. Aural Analytics is based in Scottsdale, AZ. For more information, please visit or follow Aural Analytics on Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium and Facebook.


Aural Analytics, Inc.

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