Aqara Launches Amazon Brand Store in the Netherlands to Broaden Smart Home Accessibility

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aqara, a global leader and pioneer in IoT, announced the debut of its Amazon brand store in the Netherlands. This expansion to the Amazon marketplace marks a significant step in increasing the accessibility of Aqara’s smart home lineup to Dutch consumers.

Since opening its first European Amazon brand store in the UK in 2021, Aqara has consistently broadened its reach in the e-commerce marketplace in this region, now including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, and the Netherlands. This expansion ensures that Aqara’s extensive portfolio of smart home solutions is easily accessible throughout Europe.

Aqara’s products are tailored to provide the ultimate smart home experience, augmenting everyday life by making homes safer, more comfortable, and more energy friendly. As a forerunner in adopting and producing Matter-enabled products, Aqara has introduced Matter over bridge compatibility to its Zigbee lineup, and integrated Matter over Thread capability across its newest launches. This simplifies setup and control, allowing users to focus on enjoying the benefits of their connected devices without the worry of interoperability across platforms and devices.

Highlighted offerings at the Aqara Amazon brand store in the Netherlands include:

Hub M3: The next-gen Matter hub designed with a focus on edge computing. Equipped with multiple connectivity options including Thread, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and infrared, the Hub M3 seamlessly integrates Aqara accessories, infrared-compatible gadgets and a number of third-party Matter devices, making it a central point for smart home automation while ensuring privacy and easy setup.

Video Doorbell G4: Operable with batteries or exiting doorbell wiring, this video doorbell features wide compatibility with major platforms including Apple Home, Alexa, and Google Home. It’s equipped with on-device AI to enable local facial recognition for alerts and automation.

Camera Hub G3: A premium 2K pan-and-tilt home security camera with AI-enabled facial and gesture recognition, built-in Zigbee hub function, and third-party ecosystem support such as Apple Home, Alexa, and Google Home.

Presence Sensor FP2: Based on millimeter wave (mmWave), this revolutionary sensor not only offers precise human presence detection, but also features zone positioning (up to 30 zones), multi-person detection, and multi-ecosystem support. As a versatile solution, it can also be used for fall detection and sleep monitoring.

Broad smart sensor lineup: Featuring the new generation of Thread sensors (e.g., the Door and Window Sensor P2 and Motion and Light Sensor P2) with unprecedented interoperability across the wide range of Matter-enabled smart home platforms, as well as the Company’s iconic Zigbee sensors featuring compact designs and prolonged battery life.

Energy management solutions: Products such as the Radiator Thermostat E1, Wall Outlet H2 EU, Smart Wall Switch H1 EU, and Smart Plug (EU) facilitate effortless control and automation of radiators, household appliances and lighting, enhancing convenience while reducing energy waste.

Retrofit solutions for window treatments: Including the Roller Shade Driver E1 for beaded-cord roller blinds and the Curtain Driver E1 for rod, U-rail and I-rail curtains, which enable window treatment control via mobile apps, voice commands, preset schedules or home automation systems.

Smart lighting solutions: The Ceiling Light T1M and LED Strip T1 offer a spectrum of warm-to-cool white lights and independently addressable RGB colors for everyday and atmospheric illumination.

In celebration of the brand store launch, Aqara offers a limited-time offer of 15% discount for purchases on its store with the promo code: AQARANL1. The offering is valid through June 5, 2024.


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