Aputure Releases Trio of RGBWW LED Lights; More Info at B&H

Aputure announced the INFINIBAR Pixel Bars, amaran Pixel Tubes, and the amaran S-series COBs LED lights for Cinematographers and Photographers.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Apple–B&H is pleased to introduce a collection of new lights for film and photo creators from Aputure: INFINIBAR Pixel Bars, amaran Pixel Tubes, and amaran S series COBs. Whether you are creating colorful lighting patterns for a film or simply lighting a livestream in your home, there is an LED in this release for you.

Aputure’s INFINIBAR Pixel Bar is a highly adaptable RGBWW LED for cinematographers and photographers looking to produce colorful, customizable lighting designs in a variety of sizes and shapes. Using ten specially shaped connections, you can build unique light rigs by combining 1-, 2-, and 4-foot units for creative lighting in and out of frame.

Designed to add a wide range of light to nearly any environment, the INFINIBARs consist of 24 (1-foot), 48 (2-foot), or 96 (4-foot) individual pixel “lighting zones” for high pixel density and precision output. With a CCT range of 2000-10000K with green-magenta adjustment as well as advanced HSI, RGB, and XY color controls, these lights can match environments or building up repeatable lighting designs from scratch. For dynamic sets, they come with nine built-in system effects and seven built-in pixel effects. Twenty custom effects are also available via the Sidus Link app.

Nearly a dozen shaped connectors with flat and 3D designs make it possible to transform the INFINIBARs into nearly any shape whether you’re trying to provide even lighting in a cramped space or adding a creative light source to your shot. Control is possible via Sidus Link, LumenRadio CRMX, or wired DMX via an adapter. A built-in battery lasts up to 100 minutes at maximum output. Complementing its many connectors are a variety of mounting options including built-in magnets, an INFINIBAR rail and baby pin clamp system, and two 1/4-20 threads. A variety of separately available light shaping tools can be used to further refine output.

The amaran PTc series consists of portable RGBWW pixel tubes available in 1-, 2-, and 4-foot form factors for still and video productions. Featuring built-in batteries, customizable effects, and remote control options, they offer a simple yet robust solution for creators on-the-go.

Billed as a stripped-down alternative to the Aputure MT Pro, these lights still output a 2700-10000K CCT range with green-magenta adjustment to match or create a wide range of lighting environments. Nine system FX and seven-pixel FX can add dynamism to your setups. Advanced control is possible via the Sidus Link app over Bluetooth or wired DMX. Battery life is up to 70 minutes at full power with charging via USB-C. Magnetic endcaps and 3/8-16″ threads provide simple ways to mount the light.

The amaran S series is a refresh of amaran’s daylight and bi-color COBs for still and video. Incorporating a newly designed dual-blue LED chipset, the new lights boast significantly improved SSI scores over previous models, promising more accurate and dependable output. Ideal as a key light or for complementing existing lighting environments, these compact lights are easily adaptable for in-home, on-location, or in-studio usage.

Daylight (d) models output 5600K while bi-color (x) models provide a range from 2700 to 6500K. Stepless dimming is possible from 0-100%. Remote control is possible via the Sidus Link app, which also opens up the possibility of eight customizable effects. Power is provided via an included AC cable or via separately available NP-F or D-Tap batteries. The entire series is compatible with Bowens-mount accessories, allowing for a wide range of light shaping possibilities whether you are softening output for a livestream or directing light on a film set.

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