AppLovin’s MAX is Available for Developers of All Sizes

All developers can now access MAX’s exclusive suite of features and take their business to the next level

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AppLovin, a global mobile app technology company, today announced its in-app bidding solution, MAX is now available for all developers. MAX has been adopted by leading mobile game studios around the world for its comprehensive approach to monetization and its competitive auctions. Developers enjoy access to top-tier demand from two of the leading bidders, Facebook Audience Network and AppLovin. More than 95 percent of MAX publishers have chosen to use bidding with Facebook Audience Network and AppLovin.

MAX has grown into a full-stack monetization solution available for all developers since its launch one year ago. Developers are looking to grow revenue, reduce time spent managing monetization and protect the user experience, and MAX is the technology built to meet these needs. MAX has become a full-suite of advanced features that saves developers countless hours and drives revenue.

MAX has grown to work with thousands of publishers and now integrates with most top bidders to drive features that enable growth for studios around the world. On average, developers who move from a traditional waterfall to bidding recognize an immediate increase to their average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU).

“We continue to see app bidding deliver strong results for developers and we are pleased to have bidding with Facebook Audience Network available to all developers through MAX,” said Amit Bhojwani, Head of Ad Tech Partnerships at Facebook Audience Network. “Now, all app developers can improve efficiency and increase their monetization opportunities. Bidding has moved our industry forward and better equips the ecosystem for the future.”

The result: developers are consistently achieving higher ad revenue. With MAX, developers have increased their ARPDAU by 15-30 percent.

“Switching to bidding is a no brainer. When we switched to MAX, ARPDAU increased by 25 percent by just having top in-app bidders like AppLovin and other leading bidders in our stack. Since then, we continue to see higher revenue each week,” said Luke Gorman, Senior Growth Manager, Hyper Hippo.

Bidding can help publishers maximize revenue on each impression opportunity and save time – even as their top demand sources adapt to improve performance due to the anticipated iOS 14 changes.

Developers have benefited from moving off traditional monetization solutions. By leveraging an advanced, robust solution like MAX, mobile game developers are able to reinvest additional revenue in marketing and acquire more users than they could using traditional monetization solutions.

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