Anybrain Joins FairP2P as a Founding Member; Matt Marcou Appointed Advisor

Las Vegas, Nevada–(Newsfile Corp. – July 11, 2022) – FairP2P is pleased to announce that (“Anybrain”) will be joining the FairP2P membership ranks as a Founding member. Since its founding in 2015, Anybrain has emerged as a leader in utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and prevent cheating in the gaming industry. Consistent with FairP2P’s mission, Anybrain’s expertise in behavioral analysis will facilitate creation of fair-matchmaking protocols, code-level certification standards, and player verification models for the P2P skill-based gaming sector.

In the interest of fostering self-determination for the community it serves, FairP2P will be piloting a player verification and fair matchmaking protocol. Platforms like Anybrain will inform the process of establishing these cybersecurity benchmarks and standards. Cybersecurity is a major concern for both players and developers of P2P skill-based games and will therefore be a top priority for FairP2P’s multi-tiered game certification program. This first-of-its-kind program will provide game developers with a consistent and predictable pathway to ensuring that their skill-based games meet jurisdiction-specific legal requirements. By systematically addressing fraud and cheating, FairP2P intends to bolster player confidence in a category of games with historically inadequate consumer protections.

André Pimenta as Co-Founder & CEO at Anybrain added: “We are beyond happy to become a founding member at FairP2P. An initiative that aims to bring to the gaming world values like integrity, transparency, and equity. Values that we live and work by here at Anybrain. We are honored to contribute as a technology partner, as we are here to provide our expertise on what makes a game skill-based, as well as bring more security and fairness to all FairP2P members and partners, and their communities.”

Anybrain’s partnership begins right when FairP2P is expanding its advisory team. FairP2P is excited to welcome Matt Marcou as an Advisor effective July 5, 2022. Matt joins FairP2P after 7 years at Electronic Arts (“EA”) where he served as Senior Director of EA Esports and the Commissioner of the MADDEN NFL Championship Series. During his tenure at EA SPORTS, Matt also established the NFL Club Championship which brought the NFL and its 32 franchised clubs together to run an annual competition culminating at the Super Bowl. Matt has a demonstrated history of leadership in the esports industry that has spanned over 20 years. Prior to his time at EA, Matt was a founding member of Riot Games’ esports department and launched the League of Legends World Championship and LCS products. Additionally, Matt relaunched the Xfire brand as a tournament software service in a Marketing VP role.

Commenting on Matt’s appointment, Alex Igelman, FairP2P’s Founder, said: “We are extremely pleased that Matt has agreed to join FairP2P as our senior advisor. Matt’s in-depth experience in the competitive gaming world and his strong commitment to player’s rights and the principles of fairness, are a much welcomed addition to the organization.”

“The infrastructure around skilled based video games has evolved tremendously in recent years, yet there is still more opportunity to unlock. I am excited to share my knowledge in order to grow confidence for players, developers, and regulators alike.” said Matt Marcou of his new position at FairP2P.

“Matt’s an industry veteran who is greatly respected throughout gaming and esports. We are so very happy to have Matt as a part of our team.” said FairP2P’s Executive Director, Hon. Bill Coley.

Matt brings critical esports oversight expertise acquired across decades of operating competitions over dozens of titles in the MOBA, FPS, RTS, and sports gaming genres. FairP2P’s core principles of Integrity, Transparency, Equity, and Inclusivity cover all elements of the gameplay ecosystem. In the pursuit of a pragmatic enforcement model that anticipates the dynamic needs of players, referees, and corporate stakeholders, Matt’s input will be foundational.

About Anybrain

Anybrain is an AI company that provides security and anti-fraud solutions to the gaming industry to secure online gaming and to make esports fairer. Anybrain’s mission is to make online games more fun and competitive by building solutions that make them unbreakable and fair. The Anybrain platform was created to protect gamers from toxic behaviors such as frauds, hacks, and cheats in multiplayer games and esports events. Anybrain’s anti-cheat is based on player behavior analysis. The platform was developed with a Human Computer Interaction approach based on machine learning algorithms capable of learning from the game and player, understanding gameplay and detecting frauds by interpreting abnormal behaviors. For more information, visit

About FairP2P

FairP2P was established in 2020 as a membership-based not-for-profit in the current self-regulatory-organization focused on the creation of proper regulation, oversight and governance of the monetized competitive P2P skill-based gameplay sector.

FairP2P’s multi-tier membership is designed to attract and include stakeholders from each segment of the P2P ecosystem. FairP2P aims to influence the esports and gaming industry by applying the in-house expertise, skills, and partnerships to build a self-regulatory industry framework that will enable fair and transparent matchmaking, skill-based game certifications, player authentication standards, necessary consumer protections and more.


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