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LAVAL, Quebec, June 25, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Whether it’s for graphic design, web design, online printing, digital advertising or art: If you are a professional photo editor, there are good chances you are using Adobe’s Photoshop on a daily basis. It is the most popular software for image editing, retouching, mock-ups, and adding effects. Removing an image background in Photoshop has always been a time consuming and tiresome task with the manual object selection but Slazzer, the company behind the AI powered image background removal tool, has now launched its own extension directly in Photoshop to help out with this one specific design element.

Recently, in the latest version of Photoshop CC2021, Adobe has begun experimenting with their own automated background removal tool but it only performs well with humans and results usually have a halo effect without color correction. Adobe does not perform well with images of cars, products, animals and graphics and that is where Slazzer excels. Adobe has also recently introduced a “Sky replacement” for real estate photos but results vary and the halo effect remains in most pictures with trees. With Slazzer users now have the ability to stay within their workflow and remove image backgrounds automatically in seconds in all categories (humans, products, cars, animals, graphics and real estate) – 100% automatically. Slazzer also provides an open API to developers to integrate within their own websites and applications.

“Adobe’s Photoshop is the most respected software in the design industry for a reason. It provides a high quality design process with extensive options that designers love. Now with Slazzer’s AI integrated within their platform, users can get accurate cut-outs in seconds without any manual intervention,” Andy Caso, Co-Founder at Slazzer.

Supervised Learning will have the highest growth in the coming years and is expected to account for ~84% share of the overall AI in computer vision market by 2026 according to MarketsandMarkets. “The growing adoption of supervised learning techniques in various applications, especially in image recognition systems supplements the growth of this segment and will create important opportunities in the next decade,” Deep Sircar, Co-Founder at Slazzer.

The Slazzer Photoshop extension is now live and can be downloaded for a free trial here ->

About Slazzer is an artificial intelligence background removal tool owned by Netflairs Technology Pvt. Ltd. Founded in 2016 in a truly entrepreneurial spirit to reinvent computer vision technologies, Netflairs Technology Pvt. Ltd. is based in Kolkata, India and Montreal, Canada with a mission to become the worldwide leader in Visual AI by creating superior algorithms that are useful everyday.

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