Analog Way Picturall Pro Media Server Helps Congress Rental Projection Map the Plaza de Toros in Colonia, Uruguay

Congress Rental, the main AV supplier for events in Argentina & Uruguay, with a history of more than 30 years in Latin American markets, organized its 12th Annual Meeting, where all the branch offices get together to review the past year and plan strategies for the coming year, with the challenge of  projection mapping the Plaza de Toros (bull ring) in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. Congress Rental’s core business is conferences and corporate events, including such international events as the WTO, G20 and ITU.

The company chose Analog Way’s Picturall Pro media server to projection map the structure in a spectacular of light, color and music. “The theme for the meeting was ‘Stronger Than All,’ and we wanted to show the power of Congress Rental, so we looked for a location to showcase this strength.  The Plaza de Toros was an imposing building for projection mapping,” says Nahuel Sauza – Chief of Technology.

“We needed an ultra stable, ultra high-quality media server for this project.  We had no time for testing; we had to go to the field with 100% trusted equipment. We use the best, and Picturall was the best media server for the job.”

Congress Rental used 10 outputs from a Picturall Pro media server connected to eighteen Epson 12,000-lumen projectors and two Epson 25,000-lumen projectors.  “We divided the building into three parts: left side, center and right side,” Nahuel Sauza explains.  “Each side was covered by four pairs of projectors.  Each pair was a corner of a four-quadrants blended screen. The center was covered by two pairs of 25,000-lumen and 12,000-lumen projectors stacked in a vertical position for side-by-side blending.  We used each media server output configured as full HD and sent the signal through HDBaseT interfaces.”

Congress gained a number of advantages by utilizing Picturall, he says, including ultra-high resolution without drop frames, accurate warping, logical order of processes and high-quality video processing.

Some 8,000 viewers on the street saw the projection mapping and enjoyed the festive lights, colors and music. “Picturall performed perfectly. And everybody – the public, technicians, artists, managers and government officials – was happy with the result,” Nahuel  Sauza. “It was amazing!”

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