Analog Way Introduces 3D LUTs and New Features For LivePremier™ Presentation Systems

Analog Way announces an array of new features and improvements with the 3.0 software release for its LivePremier™ 4K/8K multi-screen presentation systems, including advanced color management with predefined and custom external 3D LUTs, optimized layer resources management and the ability to clone any program output to another physical output.

With version 3.0, the LivePremier™ Aquilon presentation systems now offer advanced color management thanks to a new video processing architecture based on 3D Look-up Tables (LUTs). Once updated, the Aquilon image processor will contain predefined LUTs for all automatic adjustments and conversions. Additionally, it will be possible to import and apply custom 3D LUTs from other vendors or generated by specific third-party tools.

Three types of 3D LUTs are supported: conversion LUTs intended for advanced colorspace and dynamic range conversions, correction LUTs for advanced color corrections on inputs or outputs, and 3D CremaTTe LUTs to easily perform advanced input keying using Analog Way’s new dedicated 3D CremaTTe tool available on Analog Way’s website. 

With version 3.0, layer resources available on large screens are significantly optimized using regions and captive PIPs. This is particularly useful for applications that require the display of a large number of sources simultaneously and that do not need to have layers spread out over the entire pixel canvas.

The new 3.0 release also brings the ability to easily clone any program output to another physical output available on the Aquilon image processor. This useful feature allows users, for example, to create redundancy for LED wall processors’ backup inputs without needing external splitters.

Analog Way’s LivePremier™ modular and scalable 4K/8K multi-screen presentation systems and videowall processors deliver uncompromising presentation experiences to high-end staging and premium system integration. The range includes five high-performance, pre-configured products (Aquilon RS alpha, RS1, RS2, RS3 and RS4) and two fully customizable models (Aquilon C and C+) that can be tailored to match the requirements of any project or event.To discover all the benefits of version 3.0 and download it, visit the LivePremier™ Presentation Systems

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