Americans Value Homemade Dishes, High-Quality Ingredients, and Alternating Annual Hosting Duties for Holiday Feasts, Study Finds

Survey From DuraPlas Reveals Holiday Cheer Trumps Savings as Americans Prioritize Menu Quality

ADDISON, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DuraPlas, a leading provider of innovative plastic solutions in the agriculture industry, today released findings from its 2023 DuraPlas Holiday Foods Survey showing that Americans value quality homemade dishes over cost. The survey revealed that most Americans make budgeting exceptions when shopping for holiday meal items, and a growing portion is becoming more source-and-sustainability-minded.

Reaching out to 600 U.S. adults via third-party survey platform Pollfish, DuraPlas conducted a comprehensive survey to gain insights into Americans’ holiday meal plans, including shopping, hosting and culinary habits. The objective was to understand Americans’ preferences when it comes to annual holiday meals and how those preferences might be changing.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • Over 86% of people would consider paying more for premium items for their meals – most Americans are less budget-vigilant when it comes to their holiday menu, indicating that the communal benefits of shared holiday feasts outweigh the potential financial pinch. That said, there were notable generational differences in attitudes toward splurging, with older Americans displaying even higher willingness to prioritize menu over cost.
  • More than 60% of Americans over 54 prefer to be hosted during the holidays – showing that Boomers and Gen X are ready to pass the hosting duties to the younger generations. Luckily, they are happy to take on this role, with 57% of 25- to 34-year-olds saying they prefer to host. With that in mind, no matter who is hosting, 65% of respondents expect the hosts to provide the main dish, preferably made at home.
  • Nearly half of those surveyed said their holiday meals are 100% homemade – most respondents agree on what is a holiday staple, the most common being mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and dressing/stuffing – all beating turkey/ham. And speaking of staples, 60% of Americans buy two dozen more eggs at the holidays than other times of year so they can bake those pies and cookies so many associate with this time of year.
  • A substantial segment (26.5%) cited sustainability as a staple criterion while shopping for food items – while a small portion said price will remain the main consideration. Most people indicated that their interest in item quality depends on how essential that item is in the final production of the holiday meal.

“People naturally think more about food during the holidays, because food is a huge part of familial and emotional currency – it’s a central element in the way most of us celebrate our favorite holidays with loved ones,” said Paul Phillips, President, DuraPlas. “With this survey, we wanted to see exactly how Americans are thinking about food as they shop for holiday meal ingredients. We found that for most people, holiday food shopping is motivated by the desire to create an experience, and that that desire takes precedence over maintaining a strict food shopping budget.”

Phillips continued, “Younger Americans enjoy hosting their older counterparts for holiday meals, and they also tend to be more conscientious about the farm-to-fork process that’s involved in the preparation of a holiday feast. This was heartening to see, given that our foods come to us from so many different sources, similar to how we approach the holiday table from so many different places. The foods we share together unify us in meaningful ways and it’s well worth taking a pause to consider the journey behind that delicious pumpkin pie nobody can get enough of.”

Click here to read the full 2023 DuraPlas Holiday Foods Survey.

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