Alen Launches New Air Quality Monitor (AQM) to Ensure Safe Shared Air and Peace of Mind

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Alen, a 16-year leader in High-efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) purification solutions, today announced the launch of its Air Quality Monitors (AQMs). AQMs effectively and efficiently monitor air quality in rooms where an air purifier may or may not be present to help identify the level of particulate matter within any space. Alen’s AQMs provide a unique approach to smarter digital air care and pair with its recently launched Alen Air app, which pairs with its leading BreatheSmart line of air purifiers to monitor air quality.

“The new AQMs allow people to be their own authority to certify their environments are clean and safe from aerosols, particulate matter, smoke residue and allergens,” said Warb Lee, CEO of Alen. “This not only ensures safe, clean air but provides peace of mind.”

Alen’s Air Quality Monitors (AQMs) are $129 and together with the Alen Air app and Wi-Fi-enabled BreatheSmart 75i and 45i air purifiers, provide multi-location, multi-room central monitoring and manageability and an easy-to-use way to stay on top of air quality management and potential safety issues. The Alen AQM continuously measures air quality to help better understand and improve the air in homes and commercial buildings and alerts people on their mobile phones with vital data, allowing users to quickly respond to changes in indoor and outdoor conditions.

“The company had a test rollout of AQMs earlier this year for businesses and schools across the nation to get people back to school and work safely,” continued Lee. “Now we’re set to distribute more than 4,000 AQMs throughout the U.S. for owners and others interested in understanding their indoor air quality.”

“The Alen AQM gives us peace of mind because we are using it to monitor the air quality in the areas of our home where we don’t have a purifier to get a full picture about the air the family is breathing,” said Mark Pallone, Technology Explorer at AppMyHome, a Smart Home consulting company. “Combined with the Alen app, we’re able to take back control of the air we breathe to create balanced and safe airflow throughout our entire home.”

Alen products use next-generation air purification technology to defeat viral spread by capturing 99.9 percent of harmful particles to the level of 0.1 microns, a clean margin that protects against allergens, dust, mold, bacteria and many aerosolized viruses. With an unmatched combination of room coverage and quietness, Alen’s air purifiers work for large and small spaces up to 1,300 sq ft. Alen’s mobile app enables users to remotely control Alen-connected units and monitor both filter life and indoor/outdoor air quality (current and historical), all through intuitive dashboards that help users quickly identify the overall health of their environment, and if needed, where to prioritize action.

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About Alen

Alen is an Austin-based innovator of top-rated True HEPA air purifiers and filters with over 20,000 five-star reviews by customers. Driven by the belief that wellness begins with pure air, Alen’s mission is to improve the quality of life and safety within homes and workplaces by making the best air purification products on the planet. Alen inspires a healthier life and peace of mind for everyone through clean and safe air. Customers can now control and monitor its BreatheSmart air purifiers on its free Alen Air mobile app on iOS and Android devices. To learn more about Alen’s commitment to pure air visit


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