AirSend Powers Open, Cross-Organizational Collaboration; Emerges as Slack Alternative

  • Works with both the Microsoft and Google ecosystems to avoid vendor lock-in
  • Contextual workspace eliminates switching between applications
  • Unlimited, free, secure voice/video calls launched with a single click

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CJIS–While Slack and Microsoft argue over anti-competition claims to lock in users, AirSend, the contextual remote work and communication platform, continues to add more features and strengthen its position as the open, cross-organizational collaboration tool for all.

In a remote-work era that has given rise to UI overload and “Zoombombing,” AirSend is designed from the ground up to simplify client collaboration workflows and bypass threats. A powerful, secure and platform-agnostic messaging and file management system, AirSend works seamlessly with the Google and Microsoft ecosystems.

“Anyone who has tried to edit a Microsoft Word document in Slack has been sorely disappointed,” said Madhan Kanagavel, Founder and CEO of CodeLathe, the company that created AirSend. “We’re not tied to any one player, so teams can use AirSend to collaborate within their groups as well as with external teams, regardless of what platform they’re using.”

While the two dominant workplace platforms (Microsoft and Google) are great for internal team collaboration, they are not ideal for collaborating with clients or across organizations. They make the collaboration process hard and convoluted if the collaborating parties use a different platform than their own. AirSend aims to fill the gap by offering a platform-agnostic collaboration solution that integrates with both Office 365 and G Suite. Microsoft Office 365 users can edit and share documents within AirSend, without having to switch between applications. G Suite users can share an email or file directly from Gmail or Google Drive on AirSend.

AirSend also offers free, unlimited, secure voice/video calls and screen sharing without opening a new app. There is no meeting time limit like other providers.

With AirSend, context is key. Each channel provides a dashboard view of all the necessary information within the context of a single client or project. Users can chat, have voice/video calls, track a project’s next steps and organize large files with up to 100 GB free storage. This eliminates the need for managing individual email folders, separate client Slack channels and independent cloud storage apps. Each channel has all of the tools needed to get work done so that users aren’t switching between separate email, chat and to-do apps. Files and messages are securely shared, ensuring complete data privacy.

As a geographically distributed, remote-first company, CodeLathe has team members in 14 countries and five continents in addition to its Austin headquarters. AirSend incorporates the ideas and concepts learned from leading an international remote-working team.

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About AirSend

AirSend is a collaboration platform that brings all your conversations, voice/video calls, files, tasks and notes into one contextual workspace to get work done faster and better. AirSend is developed by CodeLathe Inc., a remote-first company. AirSend is for professional firms, teams and SMBs and offers powerful collaboration, communication and work-sharing between team members and clients. The company offers two products, FileCloud—an award-winning enterprise file services platform and AirSend—the world’s first-ever contextual workspace built for remote work, used by millions of customers around the world. For more information, visit


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