AirCare Releases a Refreshed Experience to Tracking Air Pollution

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#airpollution–Today, AirCare – the air pollution tracking app that Californian’s depend on during fire season, is launching a whole new experience aimed at letting anyone in the world know what they breathe!

AirCare was launched in 2014 in the small country of North Macedonia, one of Europe’s most polluted, by a student named Gorjan Jovanovski. The app, which then displayed air pollution data from government monitoring stations, triggered citizen protests all across the country once people realized how bad the air quality is. This forced governments to implement greener policies, and industries to outfit pollution-filters on their chimneys.

Since then, AirCare’s team has grown to 5 activists making air quality accessible to anyone in the world. Their hard work in raising awareness and empowering people to act, has been awarded over 20 times including by organizations like the UN with the World Summit Award for most impactful green global startup.

Today’s new AirCare 2.0, a refreshed approach to tracking air quality, is launching all around the world. Those wanting to track what they breathe will get:

  • Global Coverage – AirCare now uses satellite, ground and weather data to calculate an AQI anywhere in the world
  • Pollen Data – Users in US and European with allergies can plan their activities with the new grass, tree and weed pollen data
  • UV Index – AirCare’s global UV index tells you when seek shade and when to enjoy the sun safely
  • Forecasts – see into the future and know what awaits you in the air you breathe

AirCare’s data sources include satellites, government EPA sensors, and volunteer ones like PurpleAir. The app also educates users about the effects of air pollution, and connects them to local NGOs to continue the fight for clean air.

“The WHO says that 9 out of 10 people in the world breathe polluted air. This is why we worked hard to make AirCare available to anyone on the planet. As champions of the people, it’s our duty to keep you safe from pollution, and help you lead the fight for clean air with the refreshed AirCare experience!” – stated Gorjan Jovanovski, AirCare’s founder and CEO.

AirCare is free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Gorjan Jovanovski


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