Air Purifier Experts Provide Guidance for Wildfire Season

Alen’s top-rated purifiers and filters offer proven defense against wildfire smoke for homes, schools and fire stations

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Alen, a 16-year leader in High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) purification solutions, today launched a nationwide awareness and preparedness campaign to gear up for what is predicted to be the worst fire season on record. Alen provides nationwide support for communities and individuals facing harmful smoke inhalation from dangerous wildfires. Recently listed as a Best Air Purifier for Wildfire Smoke by Consumer Reports, Alen’s top-rated purifiers and smoke filters provide proven wildfire smoke protection.

“Forecasters are predicting an above-normal season with somewhere between 68,000 and 72,000 fires and up to 8.3 million acres burned,” said Warburg Lee, CEO of Alen Corp. “People need to be educated about what particulate matter, smoke’s most dangerous ingredient according to the EPA, is doing to their health. They can arm themselves with air purifiers that have Ture HEPA H13 filters, the only ones that eliminate particulate matter. We are proud to partner with fire stations and schools to help provide clean, safe air during even the most unpredictable and volatile conditions.”

Wildfire smoke quickly threatens air quality: chemical gasses called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) combine with ultra-fine soot or ash particles that can travel deep into the lungs and cause lasting damage. VOCs in smoke include carcinogens like acrolein, benzene, and formaldehyde that can stay present in smoky air and trigger symptoms of many health problems, from burning eyes and runny nose to asthma attacks to aggravation of chronic heart and lung disease. This can lead to increased emergency department visits and hospital admissions, even premature death.

To date, Alen air purifiers are present in over 70,000 classrooms, 200,000 homes and over 1,200 businesses including the Cedar Park Fire Department, Highland Park Fire Department, Cedar Park Fire Department, South Metro Fire Rescue and Carrolton Fire Department. Fire departments are at high risk for reduction in air quality due to residual smoke particulates and VOCs on their trucks, uniforms and equipment. Providing clean air for fire stations is critical in maintaining the health and wellness of those fighting to save communities.

It is highly recommended to use an air purifier with a max coverage area slightly larger than your room, as max coverage is based on the unit’s highest fan speed. This allows the air purifier to do its job effectively on a lower, quieter speed 24/7. Alen’s air purifiers work for large and small spaces such as offices, classrooms, living rooms, apartments, kitchens, master bedrooms, basements, and more. Individual Alen air purifier units can cover a space of up to 1,300 sq ft and more with the combination of multiple units. “Always on” air purification creates a passive layer of protection that keeps harmful particle count extremely low in all spaces.

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Alen is an Austin-based innovator of top-rated True HEPA air purifiers and filters with over 20,000 five-star reviews by customers. Driven by the belief that wellness begins with pure air, Alen’s mission is to improve the quality of life and safety within homes and workplaces by making the best air purification products on the planet. Alen inspires a healthier life and peace of mind for everyone through clean and safe air. Customers can now control and monitor its BreatheSmart air purifiers on its free Alen Air mobile app on iOS and Android devices. To learn more about Alen’s commitment to pure air visit


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