Aglet Introduces $100,000 In Free Sneaker Giveaways Over 12 Months

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#agletappAglet announces their launch of a new sneaker giveaway program, allowing users to win real sneakers through treasure stashes and other locations in the game. The company will be giving away $100,000 worth of sneakers over the next 12 months in-app to show appreciation to their users.

Players from all countries will have chances to win. The only requirement for entry is downloading the game and checking into locations on the in-game map.

“We recognize that the success we’ve had since our April launch wouldn’t be possible without our players. Not many apps get to boast 125,000 downloads ever, nevermind in such a short period of time This is simply to show appreciation to them. We’ll be using the app to give away 12-15 pairs of sneakers a week for the next 12 months.” – Azeem Khan, Head of Growth at Aglet.

About Aglet

Through encouraging physical movement in the form of steps, Aglet incentivizes its users to earn in-game currency where they can then purchase virtual sneakers to get the best shelf of shoes. Each sneaker has a different earn rate for Aglet and also has a durability, meaning once they wear out you have to purchase more. But while the purpose of the game at this time is to acquire a digital sneaker collection, there’s a much larger vision.

Aglet is evolving their platform to be the first location-based commerce platform situated within the forum of a game. Players not only collect virtual sneakers but, through their efforts and physical activity, can win real, physical sneakers.

The current view is there are two different worlds: online and offline or digital and physical. No one has connected them in a really compelling way for consumers. Everything Aglet does is about exploring and creating experiences at the intersection of that convergence. Aglet believes people don’t live online or offline anymore, they live onlife.

Aglet is currently available for iOS and will be available on the Google Play Store soon.


Press Contacts:
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