Aging Expert Lisa M. Cini Shares 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Older Adults, Highlighting Ways to Maximize Heath & Wellbeing this Season

COLUMBUS, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The year 2020 demonstrated the importance of staying connected to loved ones, even if from a distance, to keep spirits high and risk of coronavirus low. Through video calls, texting, and group chats, families across the country can continue to safely connect as we enter the holiday season and New Year. Aging expert and author of BOOM: The Baby Boomers Guide to Leveraging Technology, so that you can Preserve Your Independent Lifestyle & Thrive, Lisa M. Cini, shares her 2020 Holiday Gift Guide to show love and appreciation from a distance, remembering that in person holiday traditions comes second to safety.

“Many of our parents and grandparents have been facing severe isolation for close to a year, leaving ample room for loneliness and it’s negative impact on health,” says Cini. “We’ve shown our aging loved ones we care about them by keeping our distance to protect their health and futures. This holiday season, consider gift options which will increase their quality of life as we navigate this difficult time.”

Below are Lisa’s top gifts for aging parents and grandparents in 2020:

  1. Smart home for a smart life: Smart devices, like Amazon’s Alexa, have unique capabilities to check the weather, calendars, play music, make phone calls, and create grocery lists. Paired with thermostats like the Ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat, users can ask Alexa to change the temperature without lifting a finger. Alexa can even turn on/off lights around the house for ease of mobility and increased safety. The Ring Video Doorbell provides instant alerts when the doorbell rings or motion is detected, and monitors 24/7 with night vision, helping loved ones stay safe. A Roomba can be scheduled anytime or on a reoccurring schedule through a smart device, keeping a clean home and removing one less chore from the to do list.
  2. Watch out for watches: Watches now double as wellness devices, making them a perfect gift for keeping time and monitoring health. The Apple Watch, can sync to an iPhone and push through messages and phone calls, track heart health and steps, as well as display a loved one’s mobility for the day. Samsung makes smart watches that can benefit golf lovers by swing tracking analysis, auto hole detection, and 40,000 pre downloaded course maps.
  3. Healthy home hacks: For those with asthma or other lung conditions, a perfect gift is the PureZone 3-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifier to sanitize the air in the home in a few short hours, making it more breathable and enjoyable. As we enter colder and dryer months, a compliment to air purifiers is a humidifier, like the Elechomes Ultrasonic Humidifier which provides both warm and cool humidification to the air. For continuous home protection, Disinfect & Shield All-Purpose Cleaner is a safe and effective disinfectant product that uses a “mechanical kill” to destroy dangerous viruses, bacteria, and microbes. For those struggling with lack of sunshine, the Human Charger – Valkee Light Therapy Device increases energy levels, and helps older adults sleep by using a calibrated white light that passes through the ear canals and ear structure. The Hapbee is a wearable device that lets users choose their feelings, such as happy, alert, focused, or sleepy with a few taps on a smartphone.
  4. Better bathrooms: The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places for an aging adult, as it is a common place to slip and fall while trying to use the restroom or take a shower. Consider revamping the bathroom to increase independence by utilizing contemporary grab bars, shower and tub rings, and Brondell bidets to help minimize the need for assistance in the bathroom. Smart scales, like iHealthCore Smart Scale can track vitals by measuring nine aspects of composition and health including weight, body water, muscle mass, body fat, lean mass, bone mass, visceral fat rating, daily calorie intake, and BMI.
  5. The gift of multigenerational living: With social distancing especially important for at risk populations like aging adults, multigenerational living provides a great opportunity to have the kids, parents, and grandparents under one roof. Through her own experience with four generations under one household, Lisa’s book Hive: The Simple Guide to Multigenerational Living, outlines ways to create a space that supports multigenerational living and makes a lifetime of memories.

“As unprecedented as 2020 has been, the year also provided great opportunities for us to connect to our loved ones and realize the importance of communication and staying together,” adds Cini. “This holiday season, it’s crucial to stay vigilant and support our aging family members with gifts that can benefit their health for years to come.”

Lisa M. Cini is an award-winning senior living designer, President / CEO of Mosaic Design Studio and author of BOOM: The Baby Boomers Guide to Leveraging Technology, so that you can Preserve Your Independent Lifestyle & Thrive, The Future is Here: Senior Living Re-imagined, and Hive, The Simple Guide to Multigenerational Living: How Our Family Makes it Work. Go to to sign up for her blog. If you want to find the best tech products that help seniors Embrace Aging and Live Independently, visit


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