Aging Expert Lisa Cini Shares Latest Tech Gifts to Enhance Quality of Life and Ensure Safety, Wellness, and Independence for Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa This Valentine’s Day

COLUMBUS, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–New technology is the perfect Valentine’s gift for aging adults to help them live more independently, enhance their quality of life, improve mobility, fitness, healthy living, memory assistance, and companionship.

“Valentine’s Day is not reserved for lovers, it’s the perfect opportunity to connect and share thoughtful gifts with aging loved ones to improve their quality of life,” says Lisa M. Cini, founder of Mosaic Design Studio, Curator of and author of author of BOOM: The Baby Boomers Guide to Leveraging Technology, So That You Can Preserve Your Independent Lifestyle & Thrive. “Relationships and companionship are important now more than ever, and technology is the key to connecting loved ones in a safe and interactive way.”

There is a plethora of innovative technologies to help aging loved ones deal with pandemic isolation including:

  • Virtual Reality Headsets provide opportunities for socialization by “visiting” family in a virtual world, playing games, and even exploring the world with National Geographic!
  • Home workout systems and subscriptions like the Mirror or the Peloton bike provides exercise classes in real time and at every fitness level.
  • Personal Amplifiers like Pockettalker helps loved ones hear every word of a TV show or conversation by reducing background noise.
  • A TV amplifier such as the Soundbox by Serene allows aging family to enjoy stereo TV seamlessly up to 100 feet away.
  • Smart Phones like Samsung or Apple has various functions and apps to ensure ease of access for seniors. Reminders such as masking up and taking an easy walk around the block or taking their daily vitamins can help brighten their day.
  • Speakerphones like Amazon Alexa has multiple functions including giving the gift of a shared playlist to remind them of happier times to come. The Care Hub feature provides new ways to remotely check in on parents and loved ones.
  • Give loved ones the gift of safety by using Ring to know who is visiting with an alert on their smartphone.
  • Smart tablets and the Loop help families stay connected via video chat. The set-up process is simple as 1, 2, 3.
  • Mobile EKGs like Kardia Mobile can accurately record heart health and provide all the right data to share during a virtual doctor appointment.
  • Nothing warms the heart like sunshine so give the gift of sunshine to those cooped up inside with the new HumanCharger® Wireless Headset! With only 12 minutes per day, the light therapy device provides the necessary daily dose of light, effectively relieves symptoms of winter blues, and increases energy levels while conveniently fitting into a pocket. People can multi-task and talk on the phone or listen to favorite tunes during the bright light session.
  • Soft and cuddly Hasbro Joy for All companion pets will bring a smile to old and young folks alike as it helps people who are feeling lonely but can no longer take care of a real pet.
  • Amplify overall cleanliness and hygiene with bidet toilet seats from Brondell. With a push of a button, older loved ones can enjoy a variety of features like programmable wash settings and a heated toilet seat.
  • Hapbee allows people to choose how to feel anytime, anywhere! Say I love you by gifting aging loved ones a low-energy electromagnetic field necklace that emulates specific magnetic fields to produce desired feelings in the body like happy, alert, focus, relax, calm and sleepy.

“As we spend more time at home, gifting aging loved ones with helpful technology can improve their daily routine, enhance connection, ensure safety, wellness, and independence,” adds Cini.


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