Advanced Systems Group Launches “AI and Advanced Analytics” Practice

Advanced Systems Group, LLC (ASG), a technology and services provider for media creatives and content owners, launched its “AI and Advanced Analytics” practice, allowing for delivery of complete AI solutions. The AI team will focus on how the latest developments in AI can optimize and grow client operations.

“AI will play an integral part in our clients’ future businesses,” explained Advanced Systems Group CTO Andy Darcy. “As part of our new AI practice, we’ll take a deep dive into our clients’ current workflows and determine how AI can enable future growth and expand creative capabilities. As their trusted partner, it’s our job to advise our customers in what is one of the most significant breakthroughs of our time.”

Leading the sales team for the AI and Advanced Analytics team is Tyler Berry who serves as Director of Sales, AI and Advanced Analytics. “With a solid team of AI practitioners forming the backbone of our group, we’re able to draw on their experience solving challenges using a portfolio of AI solutions,” said Berry. “Our role is to take a high-level approach and deliver the pieces of the puzzle that will exceed client expectations. The first step is for us to show them what’s possible, and then implement the right AI processes. We’ve built a solid team with deep experience, and I’m thrilled at what the future holds for ASG and our clients.”

Among the AI practitioners on Berry’s team are noted technologist Tom Leinberger, who serves as AI technology lead. Leinberger has over 20 years experience designing and configuring AI solutions for a range of applications and industries. He’s led numerous projects, including using AI to automate wafer (integrated circuit) defect detection in manufacturing. An accomplished author, Leinberger has written countless expert articles including for technology provider CDW, BizTech magazine, and FinTech magazine. He’s also been a featured speaker at Quant Strat and several other AI industry-specific events.

In-house ASG experts will partner alongside strategic advisors from Augmented AI, a strategic AI advisory and solutions provider with a long history of experience in AI and machine learning. “We’re bringing industry experts together to provide best in class products and services to our clients,” explained Berry. “We look forward to a long and successful collaboration with the team at Augmented AI.”

Augmented AI is an essential part of ASG’s AI and Advanced Analytics practice for industries including healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, security, hospitality, energy, retail, and financial sectors, as well as the media and entertainment industry.

“We are thrilled to bring our years of experience to the AI team at ASG,” said Amar Lingam, President and CEO, Augmented AI. “It’s an honor to be brought into the fold of one of the most innovative systems integration and design firms in the media and entertainment industry. Together we’ll develop the most forward-looking and effective AI-based solutions.”

Augmented AI brings a wealth of experience leading AI-powered digital transformations for global enterprises. They’ve partnered with major technology providers such as NVIDIA, enabling high-powered compute and AI infrastructure necessary to build AI products and solutions. Lingam served as Chief Data Officer and Chief Data and AI Officer for Fortune 500 companies. He’s also a published author, featured speaker at AI conferences, and board member for AI and Business Analytics at McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas, Austin.

While ASG enjoys deep partnerships with the most prominent players in the industry, at the heart of its AI practice is the company’s relationship with NVIDIA. The NVIDIA stack is a key element to the success of ASG’s offerings.
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