Accell Proultra Supreme High Speed HDMI Cable

by Stephen Schleicher

Does the video on your 4K projector look muddy? Perhaps your new 8K display doesn’t look as sharp? Or, if you are like me, your PS4 isn’t performing as well as it should, it might not be the device, it might be the cable.

For the better part of a year, I ran into an issue while streaming my gaming console to my Twitch channel. For whatever reason, the signal kept cutting out after performing flawlessly for an hour or more, or I would lose the signal while trying to connect the console to the Elgato card connected to my Mac. Searching online, I found a number of people point to the age of their PlayStations, or potentially issues with their Mac Pros, or the Elgato capture cards. When a good friend contacted me with the exact same issue on his set up that was like mine, it seemed rather odd that so many people would have so many recurring problems on gear that is generally respected in the game streaming industries.

Then someone mentioned the cables connecting the devices together. I, like many consumers looking for a fast fix at a low price, will just grab a name brand cable off the shelf at a big box store, without thinking that a poorly made cable will not have the power to push a 4K signal.  Fortunately, I was contacted by Accell about their new ProUltra Supreme High Speed HDMI Cable made specifically for 8K resolutions. I am not one of those reviewers that hooks up cables to high end testing gear that monitors the exact throughput of a signal, rather, I’m more of the kind of reviewer that puts equipment through its paces to see if it works in situations normal consumers will encounter every day.

On a nice fall day (technically it was still September), I was all set to stream, and just as the program started, the PlayStation once again began cutting out every 30 seconds. It was super frustrating, because the problem hadn’t popped in weeks, and now, just as a show was starting, the problem arose again. Having received the 3-meter ProUltra Supreme High Speed 8K HDMI Cable  just the day before, I made the decision to reconnect the cable live during the stream, and sure enough, the signal stabilized, and the stream continued without issue. And for the last three months, I have had zero problems with the PlayStation experiencing a dropped signal.  According the company, the HDMI cable has a bandwidth of 48Gbps, and even though I am working on 4K equipment (monitor, capture card, game console) that requires a fraction of that data, this cable performed flawlessly for me.  While I don’t have 8K monitors, those who currently have 4K home theater systems, or are looking to upgrade to an 8K system this holiday season, I am super happy with the stability of the signal when using this cable.

To make the experience of using the Accell ProUltra Supreme High Speed 8K HDMI Cable even more surprising, the color depth of my PlayStation seemed to actually improve as well. What once had muddy browns, blacks, and red, now seemed cleaner and clearer once the cable was connect. It almost felt like I was playing with a whole new system.

Now here is the best part – there are cable manufacturers who will charge and arm and a leg for cable that promise to ensure a strong, stable, and clean signal. For those who are a bit more aware of prices, I’ve found prices for the ProUltra Supreme High Speed 8K HDMI Cable online starting at $19.99.

For this reviewer, the ProUltra Supreme High Speed 8K HDMI Cable from Accell was the solution to problems that had vexed me for quite a while, and I’m impressed with the end results that I am getting from this HDMI cable. I’m giving the cable a strong buy recommendation, and feel it might be a simple solution for those experiencing similar problems, or who are looking to make the move to 8K monitors in their home theater setup.


High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet

The ProUltra Supreme cable features an HDMI Ethernet Channel supporting 10K and 8K resolution. This cable supports the latest AV technology with super low latency, ensuring the best video, audio, and gaming experience.


  • 48 Gbps bandwidth
  • Support resolution 10K and 8K
  • Video displayed at ideal depth, detail, brightness, contrast and wider color range
  • Supports the most advanced audio formats and highest audio quality
  • Enhanced refresh rate
  • Super low latency
  • Backward compatible

Warranty: 2-Year Replacement

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