70% of AMC Theatres® U.S. Circuit to Be Open by Friday, September 4, as Approximately 140 Additional Locations Reopen This Week, Including the First AMCs in California

By Friday, September 4, moviegoers can enjoy Warner Bros.’ TENET and all of this summer’s newest releases at approximately 420 AMC locations nationwide, which is approximately 70% of AMC’s overall U.S. theatre count

AMC expects to resume operations at approximately 140 additional locations this week, with the vast majority reopening on Thursday, September 3

The first California AMCs to reopen in San Diego beginning September 4 with the corresponding attendance requirements based on the directives set forth by the State of California

AMC expects to make announcements about additional reopenings in California, New Jersey and other areas of the country in the coming weeks, when allowed by local ordinances

AMC Safe & Clean, which was developed under close cooperation with public health and safety experts, is being stringently enforced at all AMC locations

LEAWOOD, Kan.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Moviegoers throughout the United States are once again enjoying the magic of the big screen at AMC Theatres, and with every passing week that magic gets more accessible. By this weekend 70% of all U.S. AMCs will have resumed operations, as AMC will welcome guests at approximately 420 theatres nationwide. AMC will open more than 140 theatres this week, with the vast majority of reopenings taking place on Thursday, September 3, the same day Warner Bros.’ TENET opens in the United States.

The next day, Friday, September 4, AMC expects its first California theatres to reopen, when it resumes operations at seven theatres in and around San Diego. AMC is closely monitoring all local directives and will follow all guidelines on auditorium capacity.

AMC expects to make announcements about additional markets in California, New Jersey and other areas of the country in the coming weeks, once theatres are authorized to open by state and local officials.

In addition to TENET, guests at all open AMC locations can enjoy this summer’s new titles such as THE NEW MUTANTS, UNHINGED, WORDS ON BATHROOM WALLS and THE PERSONAL HISTORY OF DAVID COPPERFIELD. Upcoming releases include BROKEN HEARTS GALLERY on Sept. 11, INFIDEL on Sept. 18, and GREENLAND on Sept. 25.

AMC is also offering an array of $5 food and beverage treats, including regular popcorn, regular Coca-Cola Freestyle drinks and KidsPacks, through the end of October. And all AMC Stubs members will earn double points on all ticket and food & drink purchases through the end of October.

Adam Aron, CEO and President of AMC Theatres, commented: “The first two weekends of operations have exceeded our expectations in terms of guests returning to the movies and in terms of their feedback about our extensive AMC Safe & Clean policies and procedures. Our comprehensive commitment to operating our theatres safely now includes social distancing through limiting ticket sales and automatic seat blocking, seamless contactless ticketing, greatly enhanced cleaning procedures, the availability of hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes throughout our theatres, as well as a mandatory mask policy for all guests and crew members. We’re also closely monitoring local and state guidance, and we are complying with any additional capacity restrictions. In addition, we have invested millions for high tech solutions to sanitization and disinfection including electrostatic sprayers, HEPA vacuums and MERV 13 air filters. Guests returning to AMC can do so knowing that we’ve been in constant dialogue with top scientists and experts in public health and cleaning about how best to reopen our theatres in ways that will be responsible and welcoming.”

For full title and showtime information, moviegoers should check their theatre’s webpage on amctheatres.com.


Upon returning to the movies, AMC guests can expect to experience AMC’s comprehensive health and sanitation program: AMC Safe & Clean, which was developed under advisement of current & former faculty of Harvard University’s prestigious School of Public Health as well as the No. 1 U.S. cleaning brand, The Clorox Company.

AMC Safe & Clean components include significant reductions in the maximum tickets available for each showtime and seat blocking in reserved seating auditoriums to allow for appropriate social distancing between parties, enhanced cleaning procedures that include extra time between showtimes to allow for a full, thorough cleaning and nightly disinfecting utilizing electrostatic sprayers, use of high tech HEPA vacuums, upgraded air filtration efforts including the use of MERV 13 filters wherever possible, new guest and associate safety protocols that include mandatory mask wearing by all guests and associates, hand sanitizing stations throughout the theatre and the availability to guests of disinfectant wipes. The entire AMC Safe & Clean plan can be found at amctheatres.com/amc-safe-and-clean.


*All locations opening September 3 unless otherwise noted

Albany, GA Houston, TX AMC Mesa Grand 14
AMC CLASSIC Tifton 6 AMC Houston 8 AMC Superstition East 12
Atlanta, GA Indianapolis, IN AMC Surprise 14
AMC DINE-IN Buckhead 6 (Aug. 31) AMC CLASSIC Bloomington 11 AMC Westgate 14
AMC CLASSIC LaGrange 10 AMC CLASSIC Columbus 12 (Aug. 31) Pittsburg, KS
AMC CLASSIC Snellville 12 (Aug. 31) AMC CLASSIC Crawfordsville 8 AMC CLASSIC Pittsburg 8
Austin, TX AMC CLASSIC Richmond 11 Pittsburgh, PA
AMC DINE-IN Tech Ridge 10 Jacksonville, FL AMC CLASSIC Clarion 7
Billings, MT AMC CLASSIC Yulee 10 AMC CLASSIC Morgantown 12
AMC CLASSIC Billings 10 Johnson Creek, WI AMC CLASSIC Mount Lebanon 6
Bluefield, WV AMC CLASSIC Johnson Creek 12 AMC CLASSIC South Hills Village 10 (Aug. 31)
AMC CLASSIC Bluefield 8 Johnstown, PA AMC CLASSIC South Pike 10
Boston, MA AMC CLASSIC Logan Valley 8 AMC CLASSIC Union Town 6
AMC CLASSIC Londonderry10 Knoxville, TN Poplar Bluff, MO
Cedar Rapids, IA AMC CLASSIC East Towne 10 AMC Poplar Bluff 8
AMC CLASSIC Dubuque 14 AMC CLASSIC Knoxville 16 (Aug. 31) Quincy, IL
Champaign, IL AMC CLASSIC Windsor Square 7 AMC CLASSIC Quincy 6
AMC CLASSIC Mattoon 10 Lincoln, NE Roanoke, VA
AMC CLASSIC Village Mall 6 AMC CLASSIC Grand Island 7 AMC CLASSIC Roanoke 10 (Aug. 31)
Chattanooga, TN Little Rock, AR AMC CLASSIC Salem Valley 8
AMC CLASSIC Battlefield 10 AMC CLASSIC Central City 10 Rockford, IL
AMC CLASSIC Bradley Square 12 AMC Chenal 9 (Aug. 31) AMC CLASSIC Sauk Valley 8
Carbondale, IL Macon, GA Provo, UT
AMC University Place 8 (Aug. 31) AMC CLASSIC Dublin 8 AMC Provo 12
Chicago AMC CLASSIC Milledgeville 6 Savannah, GA
AMC CLASSIC Morris 10 Madison, WI AMC CLASSIC Savannah 10 (Aug. 31)
AMC Oakbrook Center 4 AMC Madison 6 San Diego, CA
AMC CLASSIC Peru 8 Mankato, MN AMC Chula Vista 10 (Sept. 4)
Cincinnati, OH AMC CLASSIC Mankato 6 AMC Fashion Valley 18 (Sept. 4)
AMC CLASSIC Hamilton 8 Marion, IL AMC La Jolla 12 (Sept. 4)
Cleveland, OH AMC CLASSIC Illinois Centre 8 AMC Mission Valley 20 (Sept. 4)
AMC CLASSIC Ashtabula 6 Memphis, TN AMC Otay Ranch 12 (Sept. 4
AMC CLASSIC Solon 16 AMC CLASSIC Dyersburg 9 AMC Plaza Bonita 14 (Sept. 4)
Columbia, GA Minneapolis, MN AMC DINE-IN Poway 10 (Sept. 4)
AMC CLASSIC Auburn 14 AMC CLASSIC Apple Valley 15 Sherman, TX
AMC CLASSIC Peachtree 8 (Aug. 31) Mobile, AL AMC CLASSIC Ardmore 8
AMC CLASSIC Ritz 13 AMC CLASSIC Wharf 15 South Bend, IN
Columbia, SC Mount Vernon, IL AMC CLASSIC Elkhart 14
AMC CLASSIC Columbia 10 AMC Mount Vernon 8 Springfield, IL
Dallas, TX Nashville, TN AMC CLASSIC Decatur 10
AMC CLASSIC Forney 12 AMC CLASSIC Governors Square 10 AMC CLASSIC Hickory Point 12
AMC CLASSIC Irving 10 AMC CLASSIC Madison 10 St. Louis, MO
Denver, CO Oklahoma City, OK AMC CLASSIC Centralia 5
AMC CLASSIC Fort Collins 10 AMC CLASSIC Crossroads Mall 16 (Aug. 31) AMC CLASSIC Eastgate 6
AMC Twenty Mile 10 (Aug. 31) AMC CLASSIC Hornbeck 2 AMC CLASSIC Farmington 4
Des Moines, IA AMC CLASSIC Oakwood Mall 8 Tampa, FL
AMC CLASSIC Cobblestone 9 AMC CLASSIC Ponca City 4 AMC Lakeshore 8 (Aug. 31)
AMC CLASSIC Southridge 12 AMC CLASSIC Robinson Crossing 6 AMC CLASSIC Palm Harbor 10
Dothan, AL AMC Movies 6 AMC Riverview 14
AMC CLASSIC Dothan 6 AMC Shawnee Cinema Center 8 Terra Haute, IN
Eau Claire, WI Omaha, NE AMC CLASSIC Vincennes 8
AMC CLASSIC Oakwood 12 AMC CLASSIC Westroads 14 (Aug. 31) Tri-Cities, TN
El Paso, TX Orlando, FL AMC CLASSIC Towne Crossing 8
AMC CLASSIC East Pointe 12 AMC Avenue 16 Tucson, AZ
Evansville, IN AMC CLASSIC New Smyrna 12 (Aug. 31) AMC Foothills 15
AMC CLASSIC Madisonville 8 Peoria, IL Tulsa, OK
Fargo, ND AMC CLASSIC Normal 14 AMC CLASSIC Owasso 12
AMC CLASSIC Grand Forks 10 AMC CLASSIC Sunnyland 10 Tyler, TX
Fort Smith, AR Philadelphia, PA AMC Lufkin 9
AMC CLASSIC Fort Smith 14 AMC DINE-IN Fashion District 8 (Sept. 8) AMC CLASSIC Nacogdoches 6
Fort Wayne, IN AMC CLASSIC Granite Run 8 Warrensburg, MO
AMC CLASSIC Marion 12 AMC North Broad Street 7 (Sept. 8) AMC CLASSIC Warrensburg 10
Galesburg, IL AMC Philadelphia Mills 14 (Sept. 8) Wheeling, WV
AMC CLASSIC Galesburg 8 AMC Woodhaven 10 (Aug. 31) AMC CLASSIC Ohio Valley Mall 11
Green Bay, WI Phoenix, AZ Wichita Falls, TX
AMC Classic Manitowoc 10 AMC Ahwatukee 24 AMC Sikes Senter 10
Harrisburg, PA AMC Arizona Center 24 Wichita, KS
AMC CLASSIC Chambersburg 7 AMC Arrowhead Town Center 14 AMC CLASSIC Hays 8
AMC CLASSIC Hampden 8 AMC Centerpointe 11 AMC CLASSIC Salina 10
Hartsville, SC AMC Deer Valley 17 Wilkes Barre, PA
AMC CLASSIC Hartsville 2 AMC Desert Ridge 18 AMC CLASSIC Bloomsburg 11
AMC DINE-IN Esplanade 14 AMC CLASSIC Williamsport 11

About AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.

AMC is the largest movie exhibition company in the United States, the largest in Europe and the largest throughout the world with approximately 1,000 theatres and 11,000 screens across the globe. AMC has propelled innovation in the exhibition industry by: deploying its Signature power-recliner seats; delivering enhanced food and beverage choices; generating greater guest engagement through its loyalty and subscription programs, web site and mobile apps; offering premium large format experiences and playing a wide variety of content including the latest Hollywood releases and independent programming. AMC operates among the most productive theatres in the United States’ top markets, having the #1 or #2 market share positions in 21 of the 25 largest metropolitan areas of the United States. AMC is also #1 or #2 in market share in 9 of the 15 countries it serves in North America, Europe and the Middle East. For more information, visit www.amctheatres.com.


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