5 Reasons Your Business Should Take SEO Seriously

When businesses are building a website, SEO sometimes gets pushed to the background because it doesn’t show immediate results. However, if your business wants a strong online profile, then it simply can’t be ignored. 

Any internet marketing agency will tell you SEO is important, and there are lots of reasons why.


When you have a question, what’s the first thing you do? Most people will go straight to Google and type their question in. When your business comes up first in the rankings for that query, you don’t just get visitors, but you also get a huge boost in credibility. 

In modern society, Google is like a fountain of all knowledge, and when you’ve got their approval in the form of a top ranking, then it comes with a lot of power. 

People trust Google, and when they see Google endorsing your business by putting you at the top of the rankings, some of that trust is going to transfer over to you. 

You’re Not Paying for Clicks 

If there was a way to get all your clicks for free, then you’d take it. Well, SEO, allows you to do just that. 

Of course, you invest time and effort into building your SEO, but you don’t pay anything for each click. This means that as your website grows and ranks better, you’re going to see an increased return on your investment. 

When you’re doing search engine optimization successfully, you can bring in a huge number of visitors without increasing your expenses. 

It Ties in with User Experience 

Search engine optimization is intrinsically tied in with giving your user what they want and need. Those websites that give visitors a great user experience (UX) combined with valuable information find themselves towards the top of the rankings. 

The good thing about this is providing a good user experience is something you need to be doing anyway. If you’re going to get leads, and boost conversion rates, then you need a good UX, so you’re already doing some of the work that’s needed for great SEO.

Target the Right Visitors

If you build your website without focussing on SEO, then you still might rank for some keywords, but they won’t necessarily be the ones you need to rank for. 

When you rank on Google, you need it to be for focussed keywords that bring in the right people. There’s no point bringing in thousands of visitors every month if they’re not going to help you achieve your goals. Instead, SEO is about being focussed on bringing in the right people that are going to help drive your business forwards.

It’s a Longterm Investment 

Building a well optimized website takes time, but it’s an investment that will bring you returns long into the future. Sure, you need to make sure you keep updating and working on your site, but once you’re ranking well, you’ve got a platform that’s extremely solid. 

SEO doesn’t necessarily have to be your top priority, but if you’re working on it in some form, and building it in the background, then it can be extremely important for you further down the line.

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