5 Features To Increase The User Experience On An OTT Platform

Constant improvement is what makes many OTT companies successful. The whole strategy includes enhancing the tech part of a platform, working with the audience, launching marketing campaigns, and adding more content. In this article, we will focus on features that can influence the user experience.

If you are new to the term OTT just do some quick research over the internet or visit the blog article about “what is OTT”.

Subscription model

When you launch a platform, you choose one of the monetization models: AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, or hybrid. They define the way users access the content. For example, if you’re into OTT advertising, you make the content available for free with ads inserted in a video. Consumers don’t pay anything to watch your video library, but they watch ads at the beginning of a video, in the middle, or at the end. 

Recently, customers appreciated paying for a subscription once a month or a year and having unlimited access to content on OTT platforms. Today, there is a tendency among customers to turn to advertisement-based services — they don’t need to pay for videos but watch ads instead. 

Video wishlist 

A video wishlist is a must for the OTT platform. It will help customers save those videos that they are planning to watch in the future or create a list of videos in case they don’t know what to watch. They will always have something to watch and won’t waste time on constant browsing. 

What is more, they can add to the watchlist a video they view right now. It will also reduce the time they spend searching for the right movie or show. 

Smart recommendation feed

Your consumers will appreciate the recommendation feed feature because it will show them videos close to their interests. A specifically designed Artificial Intelligence analyzes the movies or series a consumer views and creates a list of recommendations based on categories, genres, topics, and subtopics to which videos are attached.

The recommendation feed is especially useful for platforms with a vast library of videos. 

Multiple user accounts

Users tend to share their OTT service accounts with friends or family members. Two or more people use the platform but pay for one subscription. But with the absence of the multiple user account feature, they lose what each viewer watches and at which point of a video they stop watching it. 

If you introduce the multiple user accounts feature into your platform, you allow people to purchase a single subscription and have a profile for each member. Each user profile can be personalized with a user’s watchlist, watch history, and video recommendations. 

Subtitles and video quality

You will have those viewers who love watching videos in the original version — without dubbing and with subtitles. Some of them will enjoy listening to a foreign language and practicing their language comprehension skills. 

The video quality feature will allow users to be flexible when choosing the pixel quality they like and their devices maintain.

In Conclusion

It’s essential to follow users’ interests as users are your prime clients. If they don’t like your platform, they will choose another. You will lose both customers and revenue. 

The more your platform is convenient for people, the broader your audience will be. New features are part of the whole strategy of attracting new customers.   

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