4 Video Tutorials – Using Assimilate Live FX with Notch Blocks & NotchLC Workflows!

Tutorial One: Live FX Studio: Virtual Production with Notch Blocks

In this video we’re showing you how to work with Notch Block 3D environments for virtual production.

Tutorial Two: SCRATCH & Notch Blocks

Learn how to use Notch Block 3D environments in traditional finishing sessions. We’ll go over animating, as well as color grading Notch Blocks in this video.

Tutorial Three: SCRATCH & Notch Block QC and Playout

In this video we’ll show you how you can QC your Notch Block content in SCRATCH, and also output it fully color managed to the big screen.

Tutorial Four: SCRATCH & NotchLC Mastering and Transcoding

In this video, we’ll show you how to master and trasncode material in the NotchLC high performance codec. We’ll go over how to create multiple deliverables in different color spaces and versions when encoding NotchLC content.

About Notch 

Notch is the game-changing, real-time, visual-creation tool that keeps up with a creator’s ideas. Designed from the creative process up, it puts the creator back in charge of the creative. Powered by high quality real-time rendering as well as reference-level offline rendering techniques, Notch helps creators rediscover the joy of problem-solving, experimenting, and improvising on the fly. Creators can get closer than ever to the thing they’re creating. Feeling the freedom of the creative rhythm, with nothing interrupting the flow. Notch technology powers visuals for acts from U2 to Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran, Eurovision, The Brits, and numerous music events worldwide. Its technology offers solutions for artists, for live and for XR/AR.

Twitter: @notchvfx
Instagram: @notchvfx (Community hashtag: #MadeWithNotch)
Facebook: Notch VFX
Press contact: info@notch.one

About Assimilate

Assimilate® is the developer of industry leading, cutting-edge on-set and post-production software, including the Scratch finishing suite, Live FX, Live FX Studio and more. With the addition of the latest software releases, Assimilate covers the complete digital-cinema pipeline from camera to post that also perfectly hooks in with third-party software at any point. For almost 20 years, Assimilate has been at the forefront of new digital media technology – whether it is 8K, HDR, VR, stereo-3D or virtual production. Assimilate also features a range of innovative tools that deal with the live camera signal, such as Live Looks for live grading, Live Assist for video assist and Live FX for live compositing and virtual production workflows, which is currently in Open Beta.

For more information, visit www.assimilateinc.com.

Twitter: @assimilateinc
Instagram: @assimilateinc (Community hashtag: #AssimilateSCRATCH)
Facebook: AssimilateInc
Press contact: marketing@assimilateinc.com

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