21 FICS® Customers Featured in Mortgage Bankers Association’s 2022 Year-End Rankings of Top Commercial/Multifamily Servicers

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FICS®(Financial Industry Computer Systems, Inc.), a leading mortgage loan origination software, residential servicing software and commercial servicing software provider, is pleased to announce that many of its clients have again been recognized in the Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA) rankings of top commercial servicing volumes. Twenty-one of the software provider’s current clients were included in the top 82 companies in the Year-End 2022 Commercial/Multifamily Real Estate Mortgage Servicer Rankings.

The MBA releases its rankings of servicers at the end of each year. The rankings reflect data on the volume of loans serviced, including categories for primary, master, and special servicing, and ranks servicing firms by total servicing volume as well as servicing for specific investor groups, including CMBS, life insurance companies, Fannie Mae® and Freddie Mac®, FHA and others.

FICS’ Commercial Servicer® plays a significant role in helping the customers included in the rankings manage their commercial loan portfolios. Commercial Servicer® is a user-friendly software solution that automates and provides seamless dataflow for commercial loan servicing for complex structured loans (e.g., commercial real estate, multi-family, construction, and equipment). The Commercial Servicer® API allows users to schedule and automate virtually every program, report, and interface in the system, eliminating after-hours work and reducing mistakes caused by human error.

Dwight Capital, an FICS® customer headquartered in New York City, was included in the rankings for primary and master servicing of total loans and servicing of FHA and Ginnie Mae loans. Working with FICS® since 2015, Dwight Capital uses Commercial Servicer® and Commercial Accountant® to service their bridge and mezzanine loans and simplify debt service billings for adjustable-rate loans tied to various indexes based on benchmarks such as LIBOR and SOFR. “Our servicers appreciate the built in automation of the system’s escrow, billing, and payment processing and how easy it is to update information and generate reports in real time,” said Vera Rusyn Massey, Dwight Capital’s Director of Servicing. “The user-friendly software saves time, allowing servicers to work on other tasks. The automation is priceless, and FICS’ customer service staff is the best.”

“Facing continual regulatory and investor reporting changes, servicers rely on FICS’ software to meet these changing requirements while servicing a variety of loans,” said Susan Graham, president and COO of FICS®. “The inclusion of FICS® customers in 15 of the 17 categories in these rankings reflects the confidence our customers have in FICS’ solutions meeting their needs. The 21 FICS® customers featured in this year’s MBA year-end rankings validate that our software provides the functionality servicers need to achieve exceptional business success.”

About FICS®

FICS® is a leading mortgage software company specializing in flexible, cost-effective, in-house mortgage loan origination, residential mortgage servicing and commercial mortgage servicing software for mortgage lenders, housing agencies, banks, and credit unions. FICS’ software solutions provide customers the flexibility to choose an in-house or cloud hosting solution. The company also provides innovative document management, API, and web-based capabilities in its full suite of products. Visit www.fics.com for more information about our exceptional mortgage software solutions.


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