Playsee’s New Feature Transforms Social Media Into a First of Its Kind Neighborhood-centric Experience

Users can now explore neighborhood-centric topics in the new Boards feature

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Playsee, the fast-growing social media company that highlights neighborhood connections, today announced a major feature release. Playsee Boards is a neighborhood-centric feed that allows users to explore and start new conversations in the community, discover first-hand information about places and learn about local happenings.

How Playsee Boards transforms how people view and interact with content on social media

Boards is a neighborhood feed that unifies content personalized to individual users according to the locations in which they express most interest. This could be their neighborhood area, around work, or even their hometown. Users can experience an engaging and immersive view of things happening in the neighborhood through multimedia posts shared by others in the area.

For example, if a user enjoys cooking at home, they could use the Boards feature to find local produce or a new offering from a local bakery. Similarly, pet owners can discover where other pet parents walk their dogs or which pet salon they recommend in the area.

“The new Boards connect people in the neighborhood by creating a space that not only supports local exploration but also facilitates new relationships in the community,” said Wendy Mei, head of product and strategy at Playsee. “The new experience links people to people, people to small businesses and ultimately strengthens the community.”

The new Boards takes neighborhood exploration and connectivity to the next level by allowing users to easily find the latest updates on local businesses, new hangout spots, trending topics in their area and even new friends who share an interest. According to a study conducted by the Survey Center on American Life, 70% of Americans say they are friends with people at places they visit the most often in their everyday life, such as the gym, school and work. Playsee will serve as the conduit to bring people closer.

Much like a local news station, the new Boards fosters timely discussions on topics relevant to a neighborhood. It serves as a one-stop solution for news about local happenings, talk of the town and more.

“Playsee’s neighborhood-centric product concept is built on the core concepts of interpersonal connection – familiarity and proximity. People are naturally drawn to things they are familiar with and close to, hence the sense of comfort and belonging from one’s surroundings gives neighborhood content a layer of closeness and meaning,” said Mei. “Playsee is the first social media platform that captures this unfilled gap in the market and redefines how content is suggested on social media.”

About Playsee

At Playsee, we make everything around you visible. Funded by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Playsee is the designated social media platform for neighborhood-centric discovery. Playsee highlights everyday moments of people, places and events happening in the neighborhood, where users engage with local content and share experiences from their daily lives. Places such as the gym, coffee shop, or around work are places where people are most familiar with. Shared local experiences in these places provide a sense of belonging and familiarity to users and thus bring neighborhood connections closer. Since our launch, Playsee has grown into a global community of 30 millions users, bringing people closer in the neighborhood.

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