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Tech Startup Jove Launches Creative-Centric Reporting Software that Enables Marketers to Know What Works and Why

Creative Insights by Jove Helps Marketers Communicate through Ads that don’t Rely on Private Data

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#adagencies–Jove, a recently-launched startup with a mission to bridge the communication divide between data-focused and creative-focused marketers today announced the release of Creative Insights, a visually-rich insights platform that equips marketers with a new way of looking at data to help team members across all marketing functions use a common language and develop shared understanding of the outcomes of their creative work.

In an increasingly complex digital marketing landscape, Jove delivers practical tools that make it easy to collect and view ads from all media channels; organize them based on channel-specific, cross-channel, and custom metrics; and uncover patterns in outcomes using automated and user-curated tags. These flexible capabilities enable a myriad of daily use cases for ad buyers, media planners, creative leaders, analysts, and brand managers. Creative Insights by Jove supports both agency and in-house marketing teams across industries and verticals.

“Jove was founded on the understanding that the best marketing has always relied on standout creative to connect with consumers,” said Jove Founder and CEO David Atchison. “To succeed in a privacy-first era, marketers need tools that help them embrace that philosophy—not by giving up on data as a source of insight but by looking at it differently. Essentially, the industry will need new ways to understand how and why creative concepts resonate, because behavioral data will be less available. Broad, thematic creative insights will provide the creative compass to connect with an audience. Insights from the performance of creative ideas will take the place of tracking consumers.”

Creative Insights by Jove launches as Apple prepares its upcoming privacy change in a much-anticipated iOS 14 update, re-prioritizing customer privacy and requiring users to opt-in rather than the typical opt-out of data sharing. With this continuing increase of constraints on data-driven advertising tactics following in the wake of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the EU and new rules governing data privacy in California, along with browser-based limits on use of third-party cookies, marketers can no longer rely on personal consumer data for targeting and personalization. Creative Insights provides marketers—from creatives to data analysts—a thematic view of ad creative that yields valuable insights while reducing reliance on personalized messaging and hypertargeting.

Innovations within the Creative Insights by Jove platform include:

  • A holistic, cross-channel view of all ad media in one visually-rich platform, enabling marketers to see all their creative in one place.
  • Simple, rules-based and automated tagging, enabling holistic comparisons of ads, media, metrics, and creative approaches across channels and over time.
  • Analysis of best and worst performing groups of ads and their common creative characteristics, allowing marketers and creatives to agree on the winning attributes that should be replicated or expanded to yield results in future ads and campaigns.
  • Leaderboards ranking ads that share any attribute or set of attributes, across any metric, over time.
  • The ability to sort best and worst performing ads by any metric across media channels, when other tools provide limited, channel-specific metrics.
  • See how audiences and ads in marketing channels relate to one another and can be used to support the customer journey.
  • Scatterplot graphs enable you to compare clusters of ads across any dimension.
  • Time-dimensioned leaderboards make it easy to see what percentage of your audience saw which message at which time.

“Creative Insights by Jove is the tool that bridges the gap between the data people and the creatives, between facts and inspiration,” said Jove CMO Ryan Turner. “Data-focused marketers sometimes get frustrated with creatives because they’re not responsive to reports. Creatives get frustrated because spreadsheets and charts don’t tell them what they need to know to generate new ideas. But the solution isn’t to go back to the old, data-free way of advertising…it’s to think about data with a broad, thematic understanding rooted in real results. We bring the two camps together into the same tool to get actionable insights—that everyone can understand—about which creative approaches yield the best results.”

A founding premise for Creative Insights by Jove is that creative talent and digital marketers driven by data have long needed a shared tool and a shared language for better communication.

About Jove: Creative Insights by Jove uses data to spark actionable insights that inspire creative concepts and optimization across all marketing activities from creative development, brand management and media buying. Jove’s platform is the first of its kind to use data to pinpoint not only which creative concepts and media approaches work but also why. By using visuals to present creative and metrics from every channel in one place, the platform provides a big picture view of all marketing activities that has not been available previously.

About David Atchison, Jove Founder & CEO:

After receiving his Operations Research degree from Princeton, Atchison quickly realized he could use it to test, scale, and optimize digital marketing programs. And it’s worked. He has seen the macro and micro trends that adjust both small and large companies, and strongly believes that with the world only getting more fragmented and complicated, ad testing is critical when it comes to building successful global brands.

Before Jove, Atchison started New Engen, a digital marketing company serving SMB and enterprise businesses, and has served as CMO (and employee #3) at Zulily, an e-commerce company that went from $0 to $1.5B in just six years.

About Ryan Turner, Jove CMO:

With a 25-year career in marketing and communications, Turner started as a writer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He worked with digital agencies WPP and Publicis for 10 years. Then he joined Starbucks, where he built from scratch a world class social media operation before taking on broader scope as vice president of digital marketing. Most recently, Ryan worked at Amazon, where he led a team of creatives, media planners, and data scientists running experimentation programs in digital media.


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