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ZURICH, Dec. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Switzerland Global Enterprise, the official Swiss agency for export and investment promotion, announced today that swisstech is presenting 34 new high-tech Swiss innovation start-ups at CES 2024 focusing on exciting advancements in Artificial Intelligence and new technologies in the fields of Renewable Energy, Drones, AR/VR, HealthTech/MedTech, Lifestyle, and Enterprise/ICT (see full list of companies and products below).

This year swisstech will be expanding its CES presence, exhibiting in two booths at the Venetian: Eureka Park, Booth #62833 (Level 1) and Global Pavilion, Booth #55835 (Level 2). Switzerland, a country known for its high-tech research capabilities, will be at the show for the sixth year in a row. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will take place in Las Vegas from Tuesday, January 9Friday, January 12, 2024.

The collaboration between industry leaders and academic elite institutions has consistently facilitated an exchange of ideas and expertise, propelling Switzerland to the forefront of AI innovation. As Switzerland continues to solidify its position as a key location advancing AI research and development, Switzerland Global Enterprise is seizing the opportunity to provide a glimpse of the current state of Artificial Intelligence in Switzerland by showcasing some of the latest innovations.

During the show swisstech is also presenting two fireside chats on the main stage at the Venetian: Eureka Park, Booth #62833 (Level 1):

Wednesday, January 10, 2024 at 1:30 PM AI for Life: Enhancing Daily Living through Swiss Innovation: featuring Eugenie Nicoud, COO & Co-Founder, Safe-LivingRoberto Iannone, CEO & Founder, Zoundream – and Jeyran Hezaveh, CEO & Founder, Avatronics.

Thursday, January 11 at 1:30 PM Prevention, Detection and Diagnostics through AI and its Impact on Humanity featuring Maria Hahn, CEO & Founder, NutrixPhil Norris, CCO, MachineMDJohn Klepper, CEO & Co-Founder, Pipra.

Below are four highlighted AI startups:

Safe-living: based on sophisticated AI technology and a proprietary radar for sensing the tiniest motions, Safe-Living developed an emergency device to intelligently distinguish between pets, daily activities, or health-threatening events. In case of an emergency, the device automatically calls for help, identifying situations where someone is helpless. The emergency device is placed on a table or other piece of furniture and operates contactless and in a privacy-preserving manner – the device does not incorporate cameras or microphones. Most importantly, users aren’t required to wear any wearables, like pendant alarms, or push any alarm buttons anymore.

AVAtronics: unveils AI-Enriched Wideband Active Noise Cancellation Technology at CES. Experience AVAtronics’ powerful, best-in-class embedded digital solution that eliminates noise in the transportation, industrial, and consumer electronics industries. AVAtronics will have headphone and TWS earphone demos showcasing the company’s ANC performance in the atmosphere of the noisy CES conference. They will also introduce their reference design earbud OTC hearing aid AVAHEEAR combining AI-enriched ANC with advanced hearing features to improve the lifestyles of millions of people looking for alternative solutions. AVAHEEAR provides a solution for those who hear comfortably in quiet but struggle to hear friends and loved ones in social situations.

machineMD: uniquely combines virtual reality and artificial intelligence to radically improve the measurement of brain function, leveraging the proven pathway of the eyes as a window to the brain. The company’s flagship product, neos™, is a medical device for the fast, automated, and quantitative measurement of eye and pupil movements, used by ophthalmologists and neurologists in the diagnosis and monitoring of neurological disorders, including brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

FLOWIT: introduces a groundbreaking digital coach built on AI, transforming employee engagement and development. The AI in the digital coach is leveraged to promote leadership equality and ensure individual development in daily operations. Utilizing FLOWIT’s AI-powered coach involves employees in four interconnected modules: Engagement, Performance, Development, and Growth. Instead of traditional scales,
pulse surveys are conducted in a chat format with the digital coach. The AI analyzes chats, including multilingual text data, categorizing essential topics within the company and providing HR with suggestions for possible low-threshold measures.

Below is swisstech’s 34 innovative startups attending CES 2024:

BOOTH 1: swisstech Venetian Eureka Park Booth #62833 (Level 1, Hall G): schedule press meetings at:


  • Algorized: Software-enabled Ultra Wide Band sensing and perception for health and safety.
  • Edge AI technology device turns conversations into private transcripts.
  • Jedsy: Standard for instant medical delivery through sustainable drones.
  • FLOWIT: AI-powered SaaS people development platform for companies to avoid churn.
  • Data-driven AI for movie and advertising industries for successful content.

Renewable Energy/CleanTech:

  • Grivix: Autonomous charging for heavy-duty commercial vehicles for sustainable electric vehicles.
  • Swistor: Electrode supercapacitors for sustainable energy storage charging 4x faster.
  • 24/7 measuring of urban pollution through multi-sensors on taxis and public transport.
  • PEROVSKIA SOLAR: Stylish perovskite solar cells integrate solar cells into any sized IoT device.


  • Aegis Rider: Cutting-edge proprietary AR helmet for motorcycles and racetracks.
  • COPRESENCE: Generates lifelike photorealistic 3D avatars through AI for gaming.
  • PatchXR: Mixed reality musicverse with virtual worlds, musical instruments, & immersive live shows.
  • Sensoryx: Precise sub-millimeter custom 3D tracking for improved accuracy for the metaverse.


  • Flappie Technologies: Smart cat door employing cat psychology for a prey-free home and fun videos.
  • Lighthouse Tech: Smart fashion eyewear frames for obstacle avoidance for blind and vision-impaired.


  • Dynavisual: Swarm and IoT textile technology for real-time information displays on smart wearables.
  • Nimagna: Dramatic full virtual stage AI video producer for webinars and presentations.
  • Stacksync: Two-way sync integrates CRM and database in minutes with no code needed.
  • Strong Network: First secure Cloud Development Environment provides code security.


  • machineMD: VR and eye-tracking medical device for early detection of brain disorders & Alzheimer’s.
  • Nutrix: First non-invasive, medical-grade cortisol monitoring sensor and health services.
  • Pipra: AI-based hospital technology to avoid delirium, a major post-operative risk & cause of dementia.
  • Safe Living: First contactless, intelligent health emergency detector device to remain in own home.
  • Senbiosys: Velia smart light-weight Titanium ring elevates style, tracks heart rate, energy, and other vitals.
  • Zoundream: First AI analysis of infant cries for early detection of developmental disorders by sound.

BOOTH 2: Swisstech Venetian Global Pavilion Booth #55835 (Level 2 Hall A-D): schedule press meetings at:


  • AI-based 3D inspection for production lines requiring fast inspection and repeatability.


  • AVAtronics: AI Wideband Active Noise Cancellation audio for in-ear hearables and in-seat noise.


  • Hemargroup: Turning electronic visions into precision realities from prototype to production:
    • S-Lux: Safer and faster clean wireless communication using the power of light.
    • revoltab: Smart fragrance diffuser integrates through WiFi into new and existing homes.

Renewable Energy/CleanTech:

  • BRUSA HyPower: Clean wireless inductive charging for e-vehicles and boats.


  • Ostloong Innovations: AR and AI skiing technologies with AR googles for real-time information.
  • Superba AR: Creates world-scale Augmented Reality, AI applications, and experiences.


  • AVADO: Device for Liquid Staking and plug-and-play nodes to make blockchain accessible and secure.


  • SWISS IMPACT (Embassy of Switzerland in the USA): Discover Switzerland’s positive impact in the United States in the fields of innovation, economic relations, sustainability, culture, and international partnership.


About Switzerland Global Enterprise

Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) is the official Swiss organization for export and investment promotion represented in 30 countries all over the world. S-GE supports Swiss SMEs in their international businesses and helps innovative international companies settle in Switzerland. S-GE relies on a unique network of national and international partners that allows them to create added value for their customers and prosperity for Switzerland. For more information, see:

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