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KWANG IN Uses ATEN HDMI Splitters to Transmit Full HD Content to Digital Signage Installations

High-quality A/V signals seamlessly delivered to over 400 monitors in metro stations

Client: KWANG IN Co., Ltd.
KWANG IN is a famous Korean advertising company established in 1974. The company focuses on providing professional outdoor banner planning for transportation equipment, and in public transit systems such as metro train stations. KWANG IN helped the Sin Bundang Metro Line in Korea’s capital set up digital signage installations which broadcast diverse commercial advertisements, public information and transportation data to riders.

To transmit Full HD signals to over 400 monitors in the metro stations

The Sin Bundang Line is an important route on the Korean capitals metro system, carrying a high volume of passengers daily. In order to plan the digital signage installation within the Sin Bundang Line properly, KWANG IN set up over 400 HDMI monitors, and chose to deliver the hundreds of HD advertisements to the passengers through ATEN HDMI splitters. Since the metro stations cover a wide area, the content to be broadcast in each location is different; thus in order to lower the maintenance and troubleshooting frequency, the HDMI splitters needed to be high stability, high quality and high security products. In addition, because the media content is changed frequently, easy operation and functionality were required to increase efficiency, and because the splitters were to be installed near the display monitors, the unit size and space-saving features were an important consideration when purchasing the ATEN HDMI solutions.

ATEN HDMI splitters duplicate a single media signal to multiple display monitors

To ensure the commercial information was smooth and consistent when displayed to passengers, KWANG IN purchased a total of 80 VS184 HDMI splitters and 16 VS0108H HDMI splitters. The splitters were installed in rectangular pillars and escalator walls at the metro station with every splitter directly connected to a set-top-box. Over one-hundred source signals are delivered over IP from the remote control center, to the remote set-top-box, and each ATEN HDMI splitter allows each HDMI signal to be seamlessly duplicated and transmitted to 4-8 monitors.

Full HD content is perfectly transmitted to the digital signage installations, allowing the quality and effect to be highly recognized

The ATEN VS184 and VS0108H are fully compatible with all standard HDMI equipment on the market including; set-top-boxes, Blu-ray DVD players and all HDMI display monitors. The ATEN splitters can duplicate high quality HDMI A/V signals and simultaneously broadcast them to a maximum of 4 HDMI displays (VS184) or 8 HDMI displays (VS0108H). The VS184 and VS0108H are compatible with KWANG IN’s existing set-top-boxes and source devices, helping to install the transmission of hundreds of source signals seamlessly to the digital signage displays in the metro stations.

The VS184 and VS0108H comply with the High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) specifications, making them suitable with HDMI displays in commercial environments. ATEN’s splitters also support 3D and HDTV in high resolutions at 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p (1920×1080), plus Dolby True-HD and DTS HD Master Audio (VS0108H). The VS184 and VS0108H can seamlessly transmit high quality media signals to display equipment, to provide effects highly recognized by consumers; and appreciated by advertisers.

ATEN HDMI splitters have a very delicate professional appearance and take up only 1U of space, which allowed KWANG IN flexible installation of the splitters near any display monitor. The installation steps were easy, and the malfunction rate very low. Even if operation problems occurred, administrators followed ATEN’s simple product testing procedures to quickly resolve issues, and effectively update the content displayed on over 400 display monitors.


KWANG IN stated that since they implemented ATEN’s HDMI splitters, they experienced high stability and true convenience brought by this solution, which included vastly increasing IT administrators’ work efficiency. After their experience with the products they stated that in the future, with the expansion of digital signage installations and other on-going projects, ATEN solutions will be the top selection for KWANG IN.


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