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ITRI to Exhibit Innovations in Smart Sports, Digital Health, AI Display and Entertainment and AI Robotics at CES 2024 and CES Unveiled Las Vegas

HSINCHU, Dec. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan’s largest and one of the world’s leading high-tech applied research institutions, invites you to its CES 2024 booth 9255, North Hall, LVCC, and its event website to view its innovations in smart sports, digital health, AI display and entertainment and AI robotics. ITRI also invites you to view its innovations in smart sports and AI display and entertainment at CES Unveiled Las Vegas, Shoreline Exhibit Hall, Mandalay Bay Convention Center. A video preview of ITRI’s innovations is available here.

ITRI’s CES 2024 highlight technologies include the AR Interactive Vehicle Display, a transparent display that allows passengers to view and interact with augmented reality (AR) content without the need to wear any devices in a moving vehicle; the Hyper-Realistic 3D Display, the world’s first interactive system with your digital avatar; the Detachable Joint Robot System, an innovative robot joint module for the rapid assembly of robots with different numbers of joints and various payloads; RoboTwin: Metaverse Smart Factory Simulation Platform, which adopts state-of-the-art AI and Sim2Real technologies to create a realistic simulation of a manufacturing factory; and iGolfPutter, a smart golf analysis and training system that provides indoor players with the sensation of playing on an outdoor course.


  • AI display and entertainment technologies
    • At CES and CES Unveiled: PetPet Cam is the world’s first pet camera that utilizes generative AI to train a deep neural network (DNN) model to accurately capture “cute events,” such as yawning, belly showing, and stretching. It automatically generates engaging photo and video mashups that owners can effortlessly share on social media platforms. Furthermore, PetPet Cam can identify individual pets and track their drinking and feeding frequency, allowing owners to monitor each pet’s dietary habits and unusual pet behavior. Through notifications on the supporting mobile application, owners can enjoy happy moments with their furry friends anytime while keeping track of their overall health status.
    • At CES: The AR Interactive Vehicle Display is a transparent display that allows passengers to view and interact with augmented reality (AR) content without the need to wear any devices in a moving vehicle. When passengers spot a site of interest, visual information is presented in real time, following their line of sight. Passengers can touch a visual cue on the screen to access detailed information. The system can be customized for various modes of transportation and incorporated into vehicle windows.
    • At CES: The Hyper-Realistic 3D Interactive Display is the world’s first interactive system that can interact with your digital avatar. In addition to 3D animations and live broadcasts, the avatar is powered by AI to carry out real-time image processing, including image matting, single 2D to 3D imaging, and 3D virtual-real image fusion. The animation it presents is 3D to the naked eye from various angles. This system has made its mark with the LED display company Excellence Optoelectronics, offering interactive robots to the market.
  • AI robotics technologies
    • At CES: RoboTwin: Metaverse Smart Factory Simulation Platform adopts state-of-the-art AI and Sim2Real technologies to create a realistic simulation of a manufacturing factory where engineers and operators can experience realistic and immersive manipulations and interactions via specifically designed user interfaces. With RoboTwin, operators can receive coaching to resolve issues during the manufacturing process from an engineer via teleoperation capability. In addition, it can be extended to various applications including multi-agent collaboration from various sites, remote troubleshooting, and maintenance via teleoperation. RoboTwin can be applied to diverse industries, such as semiconductors, machinery, and manufacturing. A leading Taiwan motor manufacturer TECO has adopted RoboTwin to create a virtual factory for increasing production efficiency.
    • At CES: The Detachable Joint Robot System is an innovative robot joint module for rapid assembly of various robots with different configurations, including different numbers of joints and various payloads. This innovative robot joint module utilizes EtherCat for communications among peripherals for integration and coordination such as various sensors, drive controllers, encoders, motors, and brakes. Its compact design helps achieve the world’s highest torque-to-volume ratio. Instead of the time-consuming substitution of robot arm joints due to repair and maintenance, five minutes is adequate for joint replacement via the detachable mechanism designed in ITRI’s robot joint. This innovative robot joint with a rapid detachable mechanism will enable new thinking about use cases, and it can be applied to diverse industries such as machinery, manufacturing, medicine, and even services.
  • Smart sports technologies
    • At CES and CES Unveiled: iSwimWeaR is a smart personal health management solution for underwater sports enthusiasts. Featuring ITRI’s low-power microwave sensing technology, the device monitors real-time physiological vitals in underwater environments. It can be easily applied as an add-on for existing swimming goggles and diving masks to capture underwater vitals, including heart rate, breathing rate, and physical activity level. Combined with a user-friendly app, the device records vitals and underwater activities for long-term tracking. In the event of fatigue, cramps, or drowning, iSwimWeaR sends safety alerts to prevent a training session from turning into an emergency.
    • At CES and CES Unveiled: Mountain Watch is an outdoor safety system comprising an app and a mesh network device. The device, equipped with long-range communication technology, acts as a relay station for hikers, allowing them to update and share their real-time location on the map, even in remote mountainous areas with no cell phone coverage. These devices also feature an emergency system that can promptly send SOS messages to other hikers nearby. Additionally, hikers can plan routes, navigate, and stay connected with family and friends through this integrated service.
    • At CES and CES Unveiled: iGolfPutter is a smart golf analysis and training system that provides indoor players with the sensation of playing on an outdoor course. Powered by ITRI’s 3D sensing AI analysis technology, iGolfPutter enables players to analyze their swing posture and body stance with their smartphone. Sensing chips are placed within the golf balls and the club head to collect data, including swing angles, swing speeds, ball flight trajectories, speeds, and paths. Immediately after each swing, the AIoT green under the player’s feet dynamically recreates the terrain of real golf course landscapes for the player’s next shot. It offers an immersive golf training experience that can be utilized for instructional purposes.
  • Digital health technologies
    • At CES: DeeGoo Digital Test & Training for Cognition Health is a science-based management solution designed to assess and stimulate cognitive functions. Powered by a database that integrates published research and cognitive screening tools, the solution ensures effective mitigation of cognitive decline. Through AI analysis, posture recognition, and algorithms for both body and cognitive functions, DeeGoo offers personalized cognitive exercises to train performance in perception, attention, memory, executive function, language, as well as motor skills. As a user-friendly service, DeeGoo enables the aging community to take tests whenever convenient. By tracking their progress, DeeGoo has demonstrated a significant impact in delaying cognitive decline and improving overall cognitive health.
    • At CES: BeatSync is an AI-powered interactive music training device designed to relieve emotional stress and enhance mental health. Through button-press musical instruments, BeatSync tracks and analyzes individual preferences and user performance to customize practice sessions according to AI analysis, tailoring the training experience to individual needs. With long-term use, the device can serve as a reference for assessing the status of users’ well-being and progress. ITRI has collaborated with care facilities to benefit children and the elderly with this smart service.

WHEN: CES Unveiled Las Vegas: Sunday, January 7, 2024
Tuesday, January 9 to Friday, January 12, 2024

WHERE: CES Unveiled Las Vegas: Shoreline Exhibit Hall, Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas
CES: Booth 9255, North Hall, LVCC and at ITRI’s event website

EXHIBITS: At CES Unveiled Las Vegas, ITRI will exhibit its AI display and entertainment technology, PetPet Cam, and its smart sports technologies, iGolfPutter, iSwimWeaR, and Mountain Watch.
At CES, ITRI will exhibit all smart sports, digital health, AI display and entertainment, and AI robotics technologies profiled above.

PRESS KIT: ITRI’s CES 2024 press kit is available here. Additional multimedia materials including technology videos, photos, and fact sheets are available here.

About ITRI

Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is one of the world’s leading technology R&D institutions aiming to innovate a better future for society. Founded in 1973, ITRI has played a vital role in transforming Taiwan’s industries from labor-intensive into innovation-driven. To address market needs and global trends, it has launched its 2035 Technology Strategy and Roadmap that focuses on innovation development in Smart Living, Quality Health, Sustainable Environment, and Resilient Society.

Over the years, ITRI has been dedicated to incubating startups and spinoffs, including well-known names such as UMC and TSMC. In addition to its headquarters in Taiwan, ITRI has branch offices in the U.S., Europe, and Japan in an effort to extend its R&D scope and promote international cooperation across the globe. For more information, please visit

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Miranda Stanford

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