WorldStage Opens xRStage-Nashville @ NuMynd Studios

WorldStage has brought its third LED video studio to market in Nashville in collaboration with NuMynd Studios, a well-known film studio rental company.  

The versatile xRStage-Nashville @ NuMynd Studios is open to fill a wide array of production needs, including commercial shoots, live and pre-recorded presentations, all types of entertainment projects, and full-service Mixed Reality shoots. It features high-resolution c3ONE LED video walls and an LED i5FLOOR in a 20w x 16d x 14h configuration, plus full camera support, lighting and grip.  The space offers all the LED video display capabilities currently in demand for virtual productions, as well as full functionality for Extended Reality (xR) shoots.

“WorldStage is very pleased to partner with NuMynd, a long-established company with a well-earned reputation in the area, to offer advanced production services across a range of markets,” says Michael May, Vice President, Account Management at WorldStage.  “Together we will provide video support and a real time in-camera compositing experience for high-profile concerts, major corporations and those exploring immersive xR experiences.  From drop-in-and-play to immersive LED projects and xR, xRStage-Nashville @ NuMynd Studios is flexible enough to handle any production need in the southeast.”

“xRStage marks a new chapter for us,” notes Greg Page, Founder/CEO of NuMynd Studios and PK Pictures.  “We’re always looking for what’s next, and in xR we found it.  We already have the asset base and the skill set to provide xR services, via our interactive software company Blackbox Realities, and our partnership with the animation team at Magnetic Dreams.  Now WorldStage has come in with their amazing resources bringing our combined capabilities to a whole new level.” 

Page reports that CMT, Nissan, Bridgestone and Sherwin-Williams have already booked national projects at xRStage-Nashville @ NuMynd Studios. “Every client we’ve told about our new partnership has said ‘Sign me up!’” Page reports. “We can scale the xRStage experience to fit any need at any budget. Working with Michael May and the WorldStage Team we are able to offer the services, support and technology that make every project a win-win for everyone involved.”

Michael May agrees, “It’s an exciting time for us here in Nashville.  We love the versatility of the set-up and are offering demos of xRStage-Nashville @ NuMynd Studios now.”

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