Workplace Misconduct? There’s an App for that: Triangle Investigations Launches First Mobile App Enabling Employees to Easily and Discreetly Submit Concerns about Workplace Behavior and Culture

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Triangle Investigations announced the launch of Telli, a native mobile application for both iOS and Android, for employees to quickly submit claims/concerns about misconduct in the workplace. The types of misconduct one can report using Telli include but are not limited to: sexual harassment, workplace violence, bullying and cyber-bullying, racial, gender and other forms of discrimination.

The Telli app was conceptualized and made by Triangle Investigations’ Founder, Kia Roberts. Formally, Kia was Director of Investigations at the NFL, as well as a Homicide prosecutor in New York City.

Here’s how Telli works:

  • Any time, day or night, an employee can make a submission via the Telli app.
  • Triangle Investigations, an independent third-party, receives the submission and establishes contact with the reporting party.
  • Next, Triangle conducts a thorough investigation into the allegations outlined in the submission: they speak to the person who made the claim, and any other relevant witnesses. Triangle also collects additional evidence that may exist in the form of text messages, e-mails, voicemails, etc.
  • To ensure the employee’s privacy, the submission is done using biometrics (facial recognition or touch ID), or a 4-digit pin code. For those who are uncomfortable stepping forward and attaching their identity to a claim, anonymous reporting is available.
  • At the conclusion of the investigation, Triangle summarizes the investigation in a final investigative report. This is provided to relevant stakeholders within the organization, and Triangle makes recommendations and suggestions for corrective actions to be taken, if necessary


“Reporting a single episode or ongoing misconduct at work or within another group can be very difficult for people. They may not want to admit what’s happening, may feel they won’t be believed, may think too much time has passed or may be concerned about the overall repercussions of coming forward. Additionally, many employees simply don’t know where to go when they have been harassed, and don’t understand how to report any misconduct. Do they go to HR? Their boss? That’s why I wanted to offer Telli, as a part of Triangle Investigations’ comprehensive offerings, to ensure that all persons facing misconduct are given a way to voice their concerns so a proper investigation can take place,” explains Kia Roberts, JD, Founder and Principal of Triangle Investigations.

Telli is available to persons in any kind of organization, including schools, college campuses, social clubs, and religious organizations.


Triangle Investigations is a group of expert investigators and workplace policy advisors responding to misconduct allegations for any size workplace or organization. To learn more:


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