The Signs Parents of Children with Addiction Are in Need of Support

Fellow parents share their experiences in hopes of supporting other families impacted by addiction

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As the COVID-19 pandemic raged over the past 15 months, America silently experienced the deadliest year on record for drug related-deaths, with nearly 90,000 Americans lost to drug overdoses. Today, more parents than ever need support as their families face a deadly addiction crisis.

Mothers and fathers of the My Child & Addiction: Parent-to-Parent Podcast, an audible monthly Parent Support Group meeting for those whose loved ones are impacted by addiction, are sharing the feelings they were experiencing as a consequence of their child’s new or worsening addiction — hoping to support more families impacted by the rise of substance use disorder:

  • Isolation: Distancing and keeping your loved one’s addiction from extended family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues
  • Guilt: Blaming yourself for your child’s substance use disorder; questioning your parenting decisions
  • Physical symptoms: Experiencing insomnia, irritability, headaches, appetite changes, or inability to participate in daily activities
  • Fear: Living in constant fear of the unknown, what your child is doing, or death

A judgment-free space for more than 87,000 families, each episode of the My Child & Addiction podcast features a rotating group of 20 parents sharing their honest, raw experiences dealing with their child’s addiction and its impact on their entire family.

“When your child is struggling with a substance use disorder, there’s shame and blame, and situations that often involve illegal behavior, lying, and stealing that wound deeply,” shared Steve, Creator of My Child & Addiction. “Nothing has helped me more during the most challenging time of my life than the parents I have come to meet, respect, and adore.”

Experiencing the fallout firsthand, Caron Treatment Centers reports that co-occurring diagnoses of major depressive disorders doubled in patients being treated for substance use disorder. Each episode, a clinician from the leading treatment provider joins the meeting offering family education and insight to the groups of mothers and fathers, as well as listeners from around the world.

“Substance use disorder affects every person in a family, therefore the whole family should be part of the treatment process, not just the identified patient,” said Dave Rotenberg, Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer at Caron. “It’s critical to think in terms of empowering each family member to achieve their own recovery.”

For parents who may not be ready or able to attend an in-person Parent Support Group meeting, My Child & Addiction protects the anonymity of listeners, offering a meeting whenever a parent is in need of comfort and hope.

“Self-care and mental health days are not enough when you’re worried the call telling you your child has lost their battle to addiction may come at any moment,” continued Steve. “I learned that I too needed support, education, and courage to cope with my family’s reality.”

My Child & Addiction began reporting an uptick in downloads in conjunction with the outset of the pandemic. Its popularity has steadily grown within the addiction and recovery communities.

“The authenticity and honesty of the parents in this room has helped me so much,” commented one anonymous listener. “I realize my problems are not unique. I know I’m not alone, and I know from listening to these people that I can find hope and light in my own life no matter what.”

“Addiction is survivable, and while we are powerless over our children’s addiction–we are not helpless,” shared Peter, father of two sons who regularly participates in the My Child & Addiction meetings.

My Child & Addiction: Parent-to-Parent Podcast is available for download from Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

About My Child & Addiction

My Child & Addiction: Parent-to-Parent Podcast was conceived and developed by three fathers of children with substance use disorders. Joined by several other Parent Support Group participants, their hope is that by sharing their stories, other parents and family members are offered encouragement and heartfelt support as they travel the challenging journey together.

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