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TEKVOX Offers Full Range of Distance Engagement Solutions to Meet New Demands of the Corporate and Educational Sectors

Investing in Distance Engagement solutions has never been more important.  The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated that the need for distance learning, videoconferencing, remote collaboration and live streaming has not only grown, but is likely to be long lasting.  The way we learn and work has changed, and   new modes of meeting,  collaborating, and teaching are now part of the corporate and educational landscape.

Schools and businesses shopping for Distance Engagement solutions may be overwhelmed by the array of components and premium systems on the market today.  Numerous technical systems purport to provide them with the AV capabilities they need, but many come with hidden costs.  In addition to the initial investment in equipment, more time and money are required for programming and installation.

Only TEKVOX, known for its innovative Drop-In solutions, offers a high-quality, cost-effective range of options to meet the increased demand for Distance Engagement across all market sectors and levels.  Only TEKVOX integrates videoconferencing and live streaming in easy-to-use systems that are universally compatible with all popular software.

“TEKVOX Distance Engagement solutions are designed for different use cases and price points, and are easy to set up and use,” says Jim Reinhart, CEO at TEKVOX.  “Our systems are preprogrammed and tested before shipping, so there’s no need to pay an additional configuration fee after installation.  Our philosophy is ‘Buy it, install it, use it.’  It’s the ideal approach for clients who need to install Distance Engagement for the first time, as well as for those who need to upscale their existing in-house capabilities.”

For clients requiring the ability to livestream content, TEKVOX offers several solutions. TEKVOX’s new 71206-DI Single-Camera Drop-In mobile kit containseverything needed to equip any room with professional-quality live-streaming capabilities, all with minimal cabling and easy setup.  It features a PTZ camera with preset positions and a 5x to 20x optical zoom lens, a studio-quality microphone, and compatibility with any available streaming software: Facebook Live, Skype, Teams, Twitch, WebEx, Zoom, and more.  It’s the answer for anyone who wants a mobile, high-quality video streaming solution.

In the same product line, the 71208-DI Dual-Camera Drop-In Kit expands capabilities with an additional camera, allowing users to switch between different views seamlessly without interrupting the stream.

Educational institutions have a number of TEKVOX options from which to choose depending on the size and demands of the classroom.  The 71202-DLC Eco VTC (Video Teleconferencing) Classroom provides the fundamentals of distance learning to a small, entry-level classroom, allowing users to present classroom footage and lesson content remotely.  It features an exceptional PTZ full-HD camera, sophisticated array microphone, easy-to-use room controls, and compatibility with any video conferencing software.  Step up to the 71204-DLC Eco+ VTC Classroom to gain support of up to four additional sources for more robust, cutting-edge experiences.

The 71404-DLC Foundation VTC Classroom provides a rapidly-deployable, fully-managed A/V solution for class/training rooms with integrated video conferencing designed for the budget-conscious user.  This Drop-In offers support for a PC and three other HDMI sources, as well as a professional-grade PTZ camera.  The 71406-DLC Foundation Classroom expands on its sibling by adding support for any room size with robust, fully-integrated audio amplification and a high-tech mic with built-in Automatic Echo-Cancellation (AEC).

Collegiate classrooms can take advantage of two TEKVOX solutions.  The 71021-DLC enhances a proven line of powerful, flexible collegiate classroom Drop-Ins with fully-integrated, convenient video conferencing. Enjoy the benefits of seamless video switching, industry-leading HD cameras, advanced auto-tracking microphones and an intuitive, customized user interface, all fully integrated in a single system with remote management.

The new 81200-DLC Connected Class/Lecture Hall Drop-In offers a versatile, reliable solution for classrooms requiring in-room presentation coupled with live broadcasting of content and video.  It features HD PTZ cameras, which record both the instructor and students, a local network for uninterrupted functionality even during a network outage, and simultaneous recording and presentation of content.

Businesses seeking conference room solutions can opt for TEKVOX’s Tier 0 Small Video Conference Room system or the Tier 1 model for larger meetings. The Tier 0 71021-T0-SV system elevates meetings by providing crystal-clear audio and video with an all-in-one camera, microphone, and speaker, while allowing for plug-and-play sharing from a laptop or tablet.  With a single, easy-to-use interface and features such as automation, scheduling, remote management, and anti-theft monitoring, running a straightforward, professional video conference has never been easier.  

The Tier 1 71021-T1-SV expands capacity for medium-sized conference rooms without sacrificing functionality.  It allows multiple people to share content locally or in a video conference, all with powerful, intuitive room control at the push of a button.

“Whether it’s with our tried-and-true Drop-In solutions or our latest mobile live-streaming kits and connected classroom products, TEKVOX continues to grow our range of Distance Engagement solutions to ensure success for every use case and price point during this time of rapid change for business and education,” Reinhart concludes.


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