Roulette Myths Debunked

Roulette is one of the oldest- and completely accidental- gaming creations to the gambling industry. Blaise Pascal, a physicist, mathematician,and inventor created the wheel in 1655 in his attempt to create the perpetual motion machine. 365 years later, it is one of the most renowned casino games that has a global fan-base. Naturally, fame is usually accompanied by myths that we have debunked. Keep reading to uncover these King Casino Roulette truths

Winning Roulette is Impossible

Right off the bat, this myth sounds a bit ridiculous but it is surprising how many people believe it. This myth started when Albert Einstein commented that the only way to win at roulette would be to rob the dealer (this is paraphrased of course) and ever since then, the myth has gained a lot of traction.

This is not at all true. There are many instances of players leaving the roulette wheel much happier than when they arrived and like with all games, there are those who leave less satisfied. It boils down to your luck and there is no guaranteed way to win.

Never Play Roulette Without a Good Luck Charm

The concept of good luck charms has been around for hundreds of years and we can thank the Irish for this. This particular myth might be heard for a variety of casino games but just to make things crystal clear- good luck charms will neither add to nor lessen your luck and will have no bearing on whether you win or lose. It’s about taking your chances, that’s why it’s called a gamble.

Strategies Will Always Work

If you have just started playing Roulette or you’re looking to start, it is natural to want to learn as much as you can on how to play. There are pages and pages of information detailing the best strategies to beat The Wheel but bear in mind that none of these strategies work 100 percent. Whether you’re using the Martingale or the James Bond Roulette Strategy that are specific to circumstances, it will lead to fewer disappointments if you face a simple fact: you win some and you lose some.

The Game Is at The Dealer’s Mercy

When Gambling was in its infancy, the majority of casinos were run by the mob. A common belief was that the dealer could manipulate the ball and get it to land wherever he wanted it to. Thus giving the house edge an even greater advantage. It was during this time that this myth might have held some truth.

Fortunately, at present, casinos are legitimately run operations with licenses issued by renowned and respected authorities. These official bodies are obligated to revoke gambling licenses if Casinos do not abide by the regulations in place to ensure that this kind of alleged skulduggery remains firmly in the past.

Roulette Is a Serious Game

Some people might think that having fun and winning do not keep the same company. Luckily this myth can be debunked by reminding you that it is only a game and by definition, it should be fun. You should be capable of walking away from the wheel smiling, having had a great time, regardless of the outcome.

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