‘Real’ Mental Health Platform Re-Launches Free Space For Anyone Struggling to Cope with Cultural Unrest

‘Real To The People’ Provides Free Mental Health Care With Therapist-Led Live + Recorded Group Discussions Around The Conflict In Ukraine and LGBTQIA+ Biases

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Re-launching today as a first-of-its-kind response to domestic and foreign societal pressures, platform-based mental health resource, Real, sets sights on a new type of online community where honest conversation and healing unite. Guided by their diverse team of therapists with specialties including relationship and conflict resolution, advocating for communities of color, navigating feelings of depression or anxiety, and more, Real To The People (RTTP) is a free service available for members and non-members to join group discussions related to today’s most culturally pressing topics.

Introduced originally in March 2020 as a response to COVID-19, Real To The People has evolved to be a timely, modernized approach to care that is vital to Real’s mission of building a mentally well world. To re-launch, group events will begin Thursday, March 3rd. Real To The People will have sessions whenever a nationwide moment calls for it, starting with a focus on the effects of media and how we consume it, with additional programming leaning into feelings about the conflict in Ukraine and adversity facing the LGBTQIA+ community following the recent attacks in Texas and Florida. Participants will have the opportunity to join at no cost, and choose to have cameras on or off.

“These last couple of years have been some of the most challenging times for people world-wide. As we’re devoted to helping people establish a fulfilling mental health routine on a daily basis, we feel it is our duty to create a different type of outlet to come together, given the recent news domestically and abroad,” says Founder and CEO, Ariela Safira. “In such intense times, people need access to as many resources as possible to stay informed, balanced and take care of their mental health, so we created Real To The People to offer a crisis-response when people need care the most.”

“As a therapist during these unprecedented times it’s imperative to take time for our mental health,” says Chief Therapy Officer, Dr. Rachel Hoffman, PhD, LCSW. “We often think we’re fine because we’re not ‘directly’ affected, but what we don’t realize is that hearing and processing disturbing news requires expending energy, especially when partnered with feelings of uncertainty and helplessness. Down the line we may experience lingering symptoms because we didn’t do enough to care for ourselves preventatively. Real To The People allows people to have honest conversations, provides coping mechanisms and tools to navigate the unrest happening across the country and globe at any given time.”

Real launched as a tools and resources-based mental health care platform, where members pay a monthly subscription to work on some of the most commonly felt struggles through the platform’s series of Pathways. Programming like “Working With Your Depression Inside and Out,” and “What to Do With All This Anxiety,” is created and led by the brand’s diverse team of therapists through guided audio and video sessions. Turning away from the traditional 1:1 therapy model, Real also fills the gaps in the mental health care space, providing care for underserved communities where culturally-competent providers or financial restraints are of concern. Beyond the free RTTP workshops, Real allows members to have unlimited access to their programming for just $24 per month – well below the average $300 per session cost. As Real understands cultural diversity and social identity play a role in people’s mental health care journey as well, the brand prides themselves on having a well-rounded staff equipped to address issues facing these types of communities.

For more information about Real To The People, please visit online at Real To The People or on Instagram @joinreal.


Nixing appointments, Real’s unique and effective service provides users with high quality care at a lower price point (starting at just $24 a month!) – anytime, any place. Outside the traditional 1:1 therapy model, the monthly membership provides a suite of on-demand, digital tools for some of the most commonly felt inner-struggles. Designed to keep up with any lifestyle, members work through the app’s Pathways, available for download in the Apple and Google Play stores, accessing audio-based and interactive therapist-designed programs for:

  • Getting to Know Yourself
  • Meeting Your Body Where It’s At
  • Working With Your Depression Inside and Out
  • Navigating Adult Friendships
  • Communicating Like a Damn Good Partner
  • WTF Am I Doing With My Career
  • What to Do With All This Anxiety
  • How to (Really) Feel



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