Propel Fuels Supplies Diesel HPR to Remote, off the Grid Kimsquit Bay Lodge in Project Skookum

Propel’s Project Skookum overcomes logistical challenges to successfully deliver Diesel HPR to one of the most beautiful and remote locations low carbon fuels have ever been utilized.

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#E85Propel Fuels, a West Coast Energy company, has delivered the company’s low carbon Diesel HPR to the remote Kimsquit Bay Lodge. The lodge is an off the grid fishing and eco-touring outpost located on the legendary Dean River in coastal British Columbia, Canada. Propel solved significant logistical challenges to deliver Diesel HPR to this unique location. The effort, code-named The “Skookum Project”, is documented in an article and video collaboration with The FlyFish Journal.

Jeff and Kathryn Hickman, owners of Kimsquit Bay Lodge, have been converting the facility from fossil-fueled power to cleaner, renewable energy that more closely aligns with their values and the values of their guests. The updates included replacing the lodge’s power generators and trucks with diesel-powered upgrades, all running on Diesel HPR. This move allowed the lodge to reduce its emissions, while having a reliable, efficient, and powerful energy source for the vehicles and buildings in camp.

“Partnering with Propel to power our camp enhanced the experience for our customers and demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the long-term sustainability of these legendary fish runs,” said Jeff Hickman, of Kimsquit Bay Lodge. “Diesel HPR provides a clean, reliable, and high performance power source, without compromising our values and respect for the land we operate on.”

Propel and Kimsquit Bay Lodge share many core business values: a strong sense of place, quality of life, and an appreciation for hard work. The Skookum Project gets its name from the Chinook Jargon, the traditional trade language of the Pacific Northwest, at one time spoken from Alaska to California by native peoples, early settlers, traders and sailors. Skookum means: Powerful. Natural. Strong. Skookum captures Propel and KBL’s values, steeped in West Coast values, history, and traditions.

As California’s leading retailer of low carbon fuels, the company has a unique opportunity to showcase real world perspectives on the impact low carbon fuels are having today. Kicked off by The Skookum Project, Propel has launched the “Propel Stories: Adventure Series” – stories about passionate adventurers and destinations. Stories like these explore how a low carbon approach to transportation can positively impact performance and emissions, and take people to places they’ve never expected.

“The world’s most amazing destinations are demanding better fuels and we can provide them,” said Rob Elam, CEO of Propel. “Beginning with The Skookum Project, we’re excited to fuel the adventures of our customers who care deeply about climate change, the natural world, and the ecosystems that sustain them.”

After more than a decade and serving millions of fuel transactions for customers across California, Propel has become the leading low carbon consumer brand with 90% customer loyalty – versus just 8% loyalty for major oil fossil fuel brands1. The Adventure Series builds on the company’s other unique community initiatives including aficionado clubs Hi-Octane Society and Diesel Pro, the personalized emissions reduction platform CleanDrive, and the Propel ProShop swag store.

About Diesel HPR

Diesel HPR is a direct replacement for petroleum diesel and can achieve an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Diesel HPR’s higher cetane rating improves vehicle performance by increasing power and torque. Diesel HPR meets the ASTM D975 diesel specification for use in diesel engines, so it can be seamlessly in a diesel vehicle or engine without modification. More details about Diesel HPR and Propel’s other low carbon fuels is available at:

About Propel

Founded in Seattle and headquartered in Sacramento, Propel’s West Coast roots run deep. The company’s mission to provide better fuels for everyone wasn’t concocted by a marketing firm in the big city, it was defined around rainy campfires while fishing the remote steelhead rivers of the Pacific Coast. Propel’s commitment to its mission and values is driven by a sense of community, stewardship and quality of life.

Propel has pioneered clean fuel retail, leading the industry with unparalleled innovation in retail technology and customer experience. With retail locations across California, Propel provides new fuel choices that are higher in performance, deliver better value and create healthier communities. Propel ranked among 2015’s top 10 private companies in Silicon Valley and is recognized by Inc. Magazine’s “Inc. 500”. More information is available at and by following Propel at and on Twitter at @PropelFuels.

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