PanFriends Releases Social Network P2E Game ‘I LOVE Pandonia’ Worldwide

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ILovePandonia–Today, PanFriends launches the social network P2E game ‘I LOVE Pandonia’ on Google Stores and iOS all over the world.

Maritime trade, battles and social networking in the romantic city of Venezia!

‘I LOVE Pandonia’ is a Social Network Game (SNG) with the Italian city of Venezia set as a background where users can enjoy various content such as romance, trade, product manufacturing, and battles unique to a maritime city. It also has cute and charming graphics.

Create user’s own Venezia and become the best city in the world through trade and production!

In ‘I LOVE Pandonia’, anyone can create their own Venezia and freely trade resources obtained through production and products exchange with other cities. The city grows with production and trade development, and the battles that occur during trade also give some kind of specific charm to the game.

A good ship is needed to facilitate trade and win naval warfare. Users can build a good ship or make an existing one stronger. Having a high-performing ship and quick manufacturing of various products in a large and good production building make a great impact on the city development.

Social network function, let’s help friends’ cities!

‘I LOVE Pandonia’ has a social network function. Users can make friends in the game, visit friends’ cities to help them grow and receive special rewards.

Unconventional P2E, collect mPANDO.

While playing ‘I LOVE Pandonia’, users can earn mPANDO by completing daily quests, reaching certain levels, and getting peerage titles. mPANDO is a MainNet coin designed to be used for various in-game activities such as ‘island expansion’, ‘ship purchase’, ‘shop upgrade’, etc. Acquiring and consuming a lot of mPANDO will play a very important role in growing user’s own Venezia.

The wallet integration and staking functions are under development, and the roadmap for ‘I LOVE Pandonia’ has been announced through the website.

For more information and the latest updates on ‘I LOVE Pandonia’, please visit the official social community below.

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