MX3 Diagnostics Emerges from Stealth, Announces World’s First Portable, Reliable Saliva-Based Hydration Testing System

  • MX3 introduces world’s first point-of-care diagnostic platform to use
    saliva to measure hydration status in real time
  • The MX3 Hydration Testing System has a proven track record as a
    portable, cost-effective alternative to a traditional lab
  • ‘Lab in the palm of your hand’ designed for professional sports teams,
    elite athletes, military personnel and healthcare providers

Diagnostics Inc.
(MX3), a startup that has developed the world’s
first real-time saliva-based hydration test, today announced the
pre-order availability of its flagship portable product, the MX3
Hydration Testing System Pro Version.

The system uses a handheld digital meter and app to measure and track
personal hydration levels. It is the world’s first point-of-care system
using saliva to provide immediate and accurate diagnostic tests for
health and fitness.

MX3 is emerging from stealth mode to disrupt the multibillion dollar
health monitoring device market with U.S. headquarters in Austin, Texas
and offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Melbourne, Australia. The
company has developed patent-pending technology that enables lab-quality
health diagnostics without the complications and costs of a physical lab.

By using saliva — easily accessible and incredibly informative — the MX3
device will let users measure key indicators of health and well being
without expensive, invasive lab equipment. This innovative approach
eliminates the need for blood prick or urine tests, with results
uploaded seamlessly to a mobile device and stored in the cloud, allowing
users to manage and track their personal hydration levels anywhere at
any time.

“MX3’s proprietary system for rapid saliva testing has been proven in
multiple studies to be as effective as FDA-approved equipment found in
traditional labs,” said Michael
, co-founder and CEO of MX3 Diagnostics. “We made our first
test for hydration because it is so important for health and fitness,
but really hard for athletes to reliably assess. What’s exciting about
saliva is that it is non-invasive and able to measure not just hydration
but other markers related to energy levels, work load and recovery, diet
and nutrition, sleep and stress, and more.”

Optimizing Health and Performance for Professional Sports Teams &
Elite Athletes

The MX3 Hydration Testing System is initially for sports and fitness
environments, but has applications in health care, consumer wellness and
military markets. By reliably assessing hydration status, users can
adjust their fluid intake and activity levels and monitor the effects of
hydration over time. With regular use, the MX3 Hydration Testing System
identifies the optimal hydration zone for each user, making it easy to
maintain proper hydration levels for general health and performance.

“Hydration is essential to performance and although our professional
soccer athletes spend hours training and sweating, the industry’s
problems with measuring hydration has been a well-known fact for years,”
said Dale Reese, Medical and Performance Coordinator for the Swedish
World Cup Soccer Team. “MX3 gives us reliable, easy to obtain results
that allow us to adjust each player’s hydration status to ensure they
are prepared for the demands before and after a match.”

The MX3 Hydration Testing System has been in use since 2018 by athletes
worldwide, including the Swedish World Cup soccer team, multiple other
professional and NCAA teams and elite endurance runners to track
hydration levels and improve athletic performance. The system is
currently in trials with the U.S. military, as well as hospitals in
Indonesia and China to test pediatric hydration levels in children with
chronic conditions.

The MX3 Hydration Testing System kit includes:

  • MX3 Lab: The handheld, portable device that makes the
  • MX3 App: The app is available on Apple and Android devices, and
    stores and tracks hydration data over time, allowing users to
    personalize their hydration strategy.
  • MX3 Portal: The web-based portal allows customers to set up and
    access their health data via web browser. Designed for teams,
    trainers, and individuals.
  • Test Strip Dispenser: Lightweight and portable dispenser that
    stores test strips and makes it easy to run multiple tests quickly.
  • Test Strips: Disposable single-use test strips use only a
    microliter of saliva to test for hydration.

The MX3 Hydration System Pro Version is now available for preorder for
individual or group sales. To order the system today or learn more,
please visit:

About MX3 Diagnostics

MX3 was founded to make it easier for people to measure and manage their
personal health. Our revolutionary approach to portable, point-of-care
analytics brings lab-grade testing out of the lab and into environments
where it’s needed most. With MX3, sports teams, trainers, and athletes
can finally manage health factors that help maximize performance, reduce
injuries, and speed recovery. For more information, visit:


[email protected]

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