Kanex Introduces New Line of USB-C Cables and Power Adapters

New USB-C Cables and Power Adapters Provide Users with Fun and Fast
Way to Connect and Charge

an innovative leader in Apple-certified connectivity solutions, today
announced a new line up of USB-C solutions that help users connect and
charge their USB-C enabled devices. The new cables (Lightning, USB-C and
USB) are all DuraBraid™, a nylon fiber cable designed to reduce tangles
and increase durability. The Kanex USB-C chargers are all equipped with
fast charging that help enable iPhone 8 phones and later to charge
faster in shorter charge times.

“USB-C devices are growing rapidly and the need for fast and convenient
charging has never been more important,” said Tracy Thomas, Director of
Marketing, Kanex. “Our new line of our USB-C charging cables and
chargers give users good quality charging with products that were made
to last at home or on the go.”

Premium USB-C to USB-C Charging Cable (4 and 6 Ft)

  • DuraBraid cable with USB-C connectors
  • Connects a USB-C device to a USB-C wall or car charger
  • Price $14.95 (4 Ft) and $19.95 (6 Ft)

Premium USB-C to USB Charging Cable (4 and 6 Ft)

  • DuraBraid USB-C cable with USB type A connector
  • Connects a USB-C device to a USB wall or car charger
  • Price $14.95 (4 Ft) and $19.95 (6 Ft)

Premium USB-C to Lightning Cable (4 and 6.6 Ft)

  • DuraBraid™ USB-C to Lightning cable
  • Supports Power Delivery which Apple’s MFI certification ensures that
    this cable can deliver high capacity PD charging
  • Colorful options in Gold, Space Grey, Matte Black and Silver
  • Price $24.95 (4 Ft) and $29.95 (6.6 Ft)

18W USB-C Power Adapter Black

  • Leverages USB Power Delivery, a fast charging technology that delivers
    a powerful, rapid and safe charge to a device
  • EU version available
  • USB Certified
  • Price $24.95

About Kanex

Kanex provides innovative, Apple-certified solutions that fit seamlessly
into everyday life. Designed to be durable, reliable and cost-effective,
Kanex offers an extensive range of adapters, cables, keyboards, wireless
chargers and accessories for any Apple iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and
Watches. For more information visit http://kanex.com/.

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