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Internet Shield Over the City Of Angels. DDoS-GUARD Announces the Launch of a Traffic Scrubbing Center in Los Angeles, CA

EDINBURGH, Scotland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DDoS-GUARD company specializing in DDoS protection is launching a new traffic scrubbing center in Los Angeles. The opening of yet another point of presence is a logical step for a company that processes Internet data from all over the world and strives to do it even more effectively. Scrubbing U.S. traffic within the country optimizes its transmission routes and speeds up customer sites.

The CoreSite Corporation (NYSE:COR) data center, which has been one of the industry leaders in the U.S. for the past 20 years, houses the new traffic scrubbing point. The scrubbing point is integrated into the global DDoS-GUARD architecture: direct dedicated channels linked it to the scrubbing centers in Hong Kong and Amsterdam. The new center meets the most stringent speed and fault tolerance requirements, featuring 100 GbE ports and full redundancy of all systems. With the opening of the point of presence in Los Angeles, the active scrubbing bandwidth was increased by hundreds of gigabits per second, which makes it possible to cope with the current large-scale TCP flood DDoS attacks.

The customers, whose interests are in some way related to the North American continent, will benefit the most from the opening of the new scrubbing center. It will improve network connectivity, thereby optimizing routes and reducing the traffic transfer time. As a result, customer sites will load faster. The new center will act as yet another caching node in the DDoS-GUARD content delivery network (CDN), enabling direct transfer of the content to the tech giants such as Google, Apple, and Amazon.

Short overview

DDoS-GUARD has been offering DDoS protection services since 2011. The company’s own geodistributed DDoS mitigation network with nodes in the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Russia, Kazakhstan, and the United States make it possible to process huge amounts of traffic and effectively protect customer sites and networks. Developing innovative technical solutions, DDoS-GUARD offers a unique range of services to protect and speed up customer websites worldwide.


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