Interfaith Leaders Come Together on Vennly, New Platform to Offer Guidance, Perspective as Americans Face Uncertain Times

Vennly – the Nation’s First Interfaith Spirituality-Focused Podcast Platform – Provides Short-form Audio Content Across a Range of Important Life Topics

Groundbreaking App Now Available for Both iOS and Android Users

30-Day Trial Allows Users to Access Special Coronavirus-focused Content for Free

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vennly, Inc., a spiritual health platform providing exclusive, non-denominational short-form audio content from a diverse and highly curated network of top spiritual and community leaders, announced today that its groundbreaking app is now available as a free download in the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android users.

Vennly was developed as the first service of its kind to help address the significant and growing desire for spiritual comfort, support, and guidance among all Americans. Vennly’s virtual offering of personal and intimate advice and counsel is even more relevant today as the coronavirus pandemic generates a tidal wave of loneliness, social isolation, doubt and spiritual dislocation.

Vennly’s original short-form audio content provides timely commentary on current events as well as practical, spiritually grounded everyday guidance. Vennly’s exclusive content helps listeners better understand and navigate deeply felt life experiences, including marriage, parenting, relationships, faith, the workplace, and conflict resolution – advice that is designed to appeal and resonate across all faith traditions and denominations. Content is aggregated and is searchable and sortable for easy, accessible navigation.

“Vennly is proud to launch with exclusive, compelling content for the tens of millions of Americans in search of spiritual guidance and advice in a safe and personal, judgment-free environment,” said Vennly Cofounder and CEO Brian Landau. “In the age of coronavirus and the curtailment of mass gatherings, the need for virtual spiritual support has never been greater. Vennly offers timely and thought-provoking original short-form audio content for easy consumption and is a new vehicle to help communities of faith address the spiritual dislocation that so many of us are feeling.”

As a recent Pew study found, religious affiliation – particularly among younger Americans – is declining as more individuals look to redefine faith and spirituality in what they deem a more immediate, accessible, and intimate way. At the same time, growing numbers of Americans identify themselves as spiritual but not necessarily religious, and are searching for comfort and pastoral care. Vennly’s contributors also report an increased demand in spiritual care among their congregants.

Landau continued, “Many of us, young families in particular, don’t always have the time or resources to participate in and take full advantage of congregational life. Vennly is dedicated to making spiritual advice more accessible and amplifying the voices of a diverse group of spiritual leaders that have critical insights to share, particularly in today’s climate.”

“Vennly is designed to provide the perspective, guidance, and advice we need to work through challenges big or small, whether it’s trying to navigate the current pandemic, working through relationship struggles or coping with the loss of a loved one,” said Vennly Cofounder and Chief Marketing Officer Dan Densen.

Vennly polling has confirmed numerous studies which show that most of us struggle to find support and guidance when faced with hardship or a big life decision. Complicating matters is the fact that many of us do not feel comfortable discussing personal challenges with others.

More on Vennly and its Content Provider Network

All Vennly content is exclusive to the platform and co-developed and curated to meet the inclusive principles and editorial standards of the Vennly community.

Vennly users may search by topic area or keyword and follow specific leaders. To enhance the user experience, content with a topical or timely news hook will also be tagged and readily identifiable.

The Vennly app is available in the U.S. for $4.99/month with a 30-day free trial, and group packages for institutions including universities, corporations and health networks are also available. Royalties are distributed to contributors.

Included in the free trial is coronavirus-focused content intended to help us all navigate the current pandemic and all of the associated social, emotional and spiritual challenges that we now face together.

Quotes from Vennly Contributors

Rev. Dr. Amy Butler, a pastor and ordained minister who previously served from 2014 to 2019 as the Senior Minister at The Riverside Church in New York City and was the first female senior minister in the church’s history added, “I’m so honored and excited to be part of Vennly. It’s a unique and valuable resource for wisdom and inspiration. Engaging conversations about spirituality is critical, especially in these moments, and Vennly invites us all to explore and learn.”

Dr. Simran Jeet Singh, a leading educator, writer, activist, and scholar commented on Vennly, “In a media culture where everyone has hot takes, people are starting to look for wisdom that is both grounding and enriching. Vennly’s model is diverse, pragmatic, and carefully attuned to how we consume media today.”

Both Rev. Dr. Butler and Dr. Singh serve on Vennly’s advisory committee which provides counsel, feedback and stewardship. For more information on Vennly, please visit

About Vennly

Vennly, Inc. ( is a subscription-based audio service and proprietary platform providing short-form audio content on everyday life topics from a diverse and highly curated network of top spiritual and community leaders. Vennly’s contributor Perspectives offer spiritual support and practical guidance designed to appeal across faith traditions. Vennly is available on iOS and Google Play.


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