Hillsdale College Professor Wins Department of Natural Resource’s Deer Patch Competition

HILLSDALE, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Brian Shaw, artist and teacher of graphic design at Hillsdale College, is the winner of the 2022 Michigan Department of Natural Resources deer patch design contest. This year’s competition marks the 50-year anniversary of the DNR’s Deer Management Cooperator Patch.

“It was a fun challenge, and I am honored to have been selected,” said Shaw. “The patch has a unique and storied history. I am glad to contribute to it.”

The annual deer patch design contest takes place in the spring. Participating artists submit their designs that showcase deer or deer hunting in Michigan. Shaw’s winning design is available to hunters for purchase.

“The design contest helps to highlight the contributions that hunters provide to conservation and management,” said Al Stewart, director of Hillsdale College’s Nimrod Education Center. “By purchasing hunting licenses and having their deer inspected by DNR wildlife biologists, hunters provide information and funds that help with the management of Michigan’s deer herd. Deer patches are provided to hunters to thank them for their contributions.”

“Because the target audience is hunters and those who love the outdoors, I drew the deer in an action pose to convey its dynamic nature when running,” said Shaw, “and the illuminated shapes in the background add another active element to the design.”

To view the winning deer patch design, click here.

For a headshot of Shaw, click here.

For a high-resolution copy of the Hillsdale College clocktower logo, click here.

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