HelpJess Aims to Revitalize and Spark New Interest in the Famous Great Singapore Sale

HelpJess, the Video Chat Retail App, Charts a Path to Rebuilding this Storied Global Event

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HelpJess, the world’s first live video shopping experience, is taking on some big challenges in the shopping world, like the decline of brick-and-mortar retail and most recently the deterioration of the once Great Singapore Sale (GSS). The innovative shopping tool brings together the informative experience of personal shopping with live video chat and the convenience of online at-home shopping from a mobile device or TV. The HelpJess app, owned by U.S. parent company open4sale with operations in Singapore, provides merchants a paradigm-shifting model for integrating their offline and online stores into one easy platform—increasing overall sales and decreasing both online cart abandonment and returns.

Simon La Barrie, Australian inventor, entrepreneur and founder of HelpJess, sees the company’s innovative business model as a way to revitalize physical retail shopping, including during the GSS. Once an international event with shoppers traveling from all corners of the world to take part in the two-month shopping extravaganza that provided unmatched deals on everything from clothing to housewares, in recent years the GSS has seen a sharp downturn in participation and sales. Experts point to many reasons why this may be happening, but, of course, the huge popularity of online shopping is a major piece of the puzzle. HelpJess’ patented interactive video solution connects consumers with the live, face-to-face interaction of a brick-and-mortar retail store through an easy-to-use app. Shoppers from around the globe can now connect to in-store staff during the GSS and make in-country or international purchases through the system’s easy payment interface.

“With constant discounts and the ability to purchase items online, retailers at the GSS are struggling,” said La Barrie. “What HelpJess does is bridge the convenience of online shopping with the personal sales touch of an in-store experience. During the GSS, this would allow retailers to capture global sales, and let shoppers have the ability to purchase without the need to travel.” As fewer and fewer opt to travel to Singapore for the sale, LaBarrie’s vision is to create the Great LIVE Singapore Sale, where interaction and transaction takes place remotely within the HelpJess app.

The revolutionary technology-first approach aims to change the way consumers network with retailers through the physical, online and virtual settings. The service is free for shoppers and offers a wide array of retail options. Several live sales calls have already occurred between retailers in Singapore and shoppers in both Australia and the U.S. Fashion designer and actress, Wang Meng, most recently utilized the app to have a video call with a group of shoppers participating from a pub in Australia who were then able to purchase her designs right in the app. This type of transglobal group and individual shopping experience could boost interest and purchase potential, helping GSS retailers secure a strong sales season.

“Our aim is to innovate the online shopping industry and create a truly Online to Offline (O2O) omni-channel experience. Being able to connect face-to-face, having that personal touch to close the sale and then being able to process payment easily with the shopper will significantly increase revenue for participating retailers,” continued La Barrie. “GSS retailers might find that dedicating associates to fielding video shopping calls could draw in additional shoppers that may not have otherwise participated in the event.”

There are many retailers and boutique designers currently available on the HelpJess app, and La Barrie is currently in talks with several additional large retail chains to create strategic partnerships for this cross-border shopping model. Current payment options include all major credit cards, Apple iPay, Google Pay, Alipay and Wepay.

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About HelpJess: HelpJess is the world’s first live video shopping experience connecting shoppers with retailers around the globe through its patented interactive video solution. The innovative shopping tool brings together the informative experience of personal shopping, live video chat and the convenience of online shopping from home. Shoppers can connect to in-store staff with retailers around the globe and make purchases through the system’s easy payment setup. There’s no need to travel to Paris, Milan, New York or Singapore to shop in the world’s most exclusive retailers when you can connect right from your home computer, tablet or phone. For more information, visit:



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